Feature Doctors on Call with Mega Menus

Doctors on Call 2017-10-04T09:51:35-07:00

Mega Menus give an added real estate to enhance and clarify the navigation experience for healthcare staff. With our Widget Library you can choose to embed “Employee Profiles” that feature Doctors on Call for various wards throughout the hospital or hospice, end-of-life care facility and medical centers.

Mega Menus are easily edited and you can swap out these already implemented widgets for a different variation such as:

  • featuring your Ward Managers
  • featuring the Executive Board of Directors
  • staff of the month in recognition of their hard work
  • who cooks and serves staff in the Cafeteria
  • new candy stripers or volunteers
  • staff members with the highest fundraising donations

Sky is the limit on how you want to utilize our Mega Menus and our 20+ Widget Library to establish maximum visibility of key people and resources on your global intranet menu. To see these features and more, request a personalized 20-minute demo of our Healthcare Intranet Software.