Popular Intranet Tasks and Reminders for Staff

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Using our unique Mega Menus we have provided you with an intranet navigation which includes a variety of added resources such as the Employee Self-Serve.  The Employee Self-Serve includes a cafeteria daily specials application which our hospital intranet customers have informed us is an extremely popular area for staff to visit on their healthcare intranet. This application not only lists the items available that day, but also offers a pre-order form where busy doctors and nurses can pre-order their cafeteria meals for pickup.

Popular intranet tasks for hospital staff are also listed in this Mega Menu, including requesting vacations and time off, finding documents and policies, filling out timesheets, finding information on HR benefits, submitting help desk tickets and chatting with support techs in IT.

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Popular Tasks for Staff on the Hospital Intranet

Requesting vacations and time-off, finding documents and policies, filling out online forms, registering for training classes and applying for jobs are popular intranet tasks within the healthcare industry. HR related information can be featured here on our Employee Self-Serve Mega Menu, such as providing information on employee benefits. IT is represented here with a chat widget for quick access to tech supports, along with the option to submit a help desk ticket.

Payroll Timesheets and Hospital Staff Surveys

Our Employee Self-Serve Mega Menu also incorporates a custom message widget with reminders for staff to fill out their timesheet via the healthcare intranet.  We’ve created this timesheet for you using our Form Builder tool, which includes embedded spreadsheet functionality to allow your staff to add as many records in their timesheet as they need to.

We also used this custom message widget to add a reminder from HR that staff in the Admitting Department are required to fill out the Hospital Self-Assessment Survey, which asks employees questions regarding their thoughts on admission and discharge best practices of the hospital.

Our Mega Menus are unique in that you can combine traditional navigation links with boxes of information like these two custom message widgets used to remind staff to fill out important forms and surveys.  They can also be used to remind staff to take tests, or highlight the latest changes in hospital policy or security alerts. You can use any of our widgets in your Mega Menus to highlight important information and tasks for staff. It is simple to change these on a regular basis as per your needs.

Cafeteria Menus

Hospital customers almost always feature a cafeteria menu on their healthcare intranet site. One of our hospital customers used our Form Builder tool to create a short lunch or dinner order form, allowing busy doctors and nurses to pre-order their meals off the cafeteria menu on the intranet, and requesting a time to pick it up. We’ve taken this great idea and included a cafeteria order form on your out-of-the-box Hospital Intranet Software. These meal requests are routed to the manager of the cafeteria who ensures the orders are organized and ready for pickup at the requested time.