Create Sites to Serve Your Healthcare Facility

Ward / Department Sites 2017-10-04T09:47:39-07:00

Our Healthcare Intranet Software has several pre-built sites for your internal departments and wards within your hospital, hospice, medical center, non-profit organization or end-of-life care facility. You can copy these templates, remove them, change and add to them.

We have four sites representing hospital wards and one staff community site for your Healthcare Intranet but you can add as many sites as you need.

  • The Neurology Ward
  • The Maternity Ward
  • Palliative Care Ward
  • Pediatrics Ward

Hospital Wards

There are many hospital departments and wards, staffed by a wide variety of healthcare professionals, with some crossover. For your Healthcare Intranet we have not added sites to represent all wards but provided four as templates that can be built off of and copied (with one click) to be used for your other units.

Each ward on our Healthcare Intranet has several pre-built application templates and pages, designed around life on the ward however you have more than 20 application templates to choose from, or create your own applications with our easy to use Application Builder.

Once you add in the applications you want for each of your intranet sites, and create pages for added resources and informational or wiki-like knowledge centers, simply add your new site to the Global Mega Menu and you’re done.

Your intranet sites can be secured so if you wish to create a site for your Executive Board of Directors for their exclusive use on the intranet you can do that.

Your Healthcare Intranet will get better over time; new features can be incorporated in response to changing needs and staff feedback. As the medical community evolves, your needs evolve and we give you the framework to have your intranet evolve along the same path.

Staff Community Site

There are several ways in which your Healthcare Intranet can contribute to community among your healthcare professionals. We provide software that caters to connecting staff and offering tools of engagement. Many of our healthcare customers have created community sites on their intranets, to share in staff celebrations and successes, to deliver news about the hospital or facility, share in newsletters and announcements.

A community site on your intranet can promote staff initiatives, a push toward a greener workplace, sharing photos of recent fundraising activities or personal achievements, births, retirements.

Use your intranet to connect staff and foster the quality of teamwork through connection and community on your Healthcare Intranet.