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The foundation of user adoption and engagement on your intranet is the Design & Architecture. When it comes to creating an intranet your employees will love, our Healthcare Intranet provides you with all the essential tools you will need to design, create, and theme your intranet.

As with all our other features, Intranet Connection’ Healthcare Intranet makes design simple. There is no coding or CSS required to change your Intranet Design. With the Theme Builder, you can simply upload your logo and the built-in design intelligence will read the colors of your logo and produce a color palette of matching and complementary colors.

For more granular control over your Intranet Design, your Healthcare Intranet also provides an Advanced Design Theme option. This includes more design options, but still requires no experience or knowledge of coding or CSS. With the use of powerful Mega Menus built right into your Healthcare Intranet, you have the real-estate of four traditional intranet sites combined into one. This will provide the resources and answers your employees are looking for at first-click. Request a Free 21-Day Healthcare Intranet Trial to see how simple Intranet Design & Architecture is.

Healthcare Intranet Trial Request

Healthcare Intranet HTML Content Pages

HTML Content Pages increase flexibilty on your Healthcare Intranet and can easily be added, edited, and deleted.

Healthcare Intranet Home Page

Your intranet homepage can make or break your Healthcare Intranet, make it fresh, engaging, and dynamic with our simple design tools.

Simple and Advanced Healthcare Intranet Design

Your Healthcare Intranet can be as simple or advance as you want with our Simple & Advanced Theme Editor options.

Healthcare Mega Menus

Healthcare Mega Menus allows you to build and design your Navigational Menus the way you and your employees work.

Healthcare Intranet Application-builder-icon

Simply clone an existing application or start from square one to create your own application on your Healthcare Intranet, no experience with coding required.

Intranet Design Made Easy

A simple intranet design can have more impact on your employees than you think. Your Healthcare Intranet provides you with all the tools you need to design and architect an engaging intranet your employees will love. Using our simplified and advance tools, start with the basics and get more advanced over time. Your Healthcare Intranet will grow and adapt with your organization, there is an endless scalability with the simple to advance settings. Using the intuitive Healthcare Intranet design tools, build an attractive intranet easily, with no background or training in graphic design. The first step to achieving success with your Healthcare Intranet is leveraging our Simple Intranet Design & Architecture tools with structured menu building, intelligent widgets, easy-build templates and more. See for yourself how easy it is to design an engaging Healthcare Intranet by requesting a Free Personalized Healthcare Intranet Demo.

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