Enhance Design with the Design Editor

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Make your Healthcare Intranet aesthetically pleasing and engaging with the Simple Design Editor. The Simple Design Editor allows you to fully customize your intranet from the look and feel down to the font. You can brand your intranet to match your corporate colors or logo, or create something completely new with CSS styles. Editing your design using the Simple Design Editor is as easy as pointing and clicking. Anyone can makes design changes to your intranet with no background in graphic design.

Making your design consistent and engaging is a major aspect to creating a positive user experience on your Healthcare Intranet. With the Simple Design Editor, we make it easy for you to get creative and innovative with intranet designs. See how the Simple Design Editor works by requesting a FREE Guided Tour through our Healthcare Intranet.

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Simple, yet Robust, Design Editor

You can create, change or update an intranet design quickly and easily with the Simple Design Builder. The interactive Design Editor functionality allows you to create attractive designs with little difficulty, even if you have no experience with graphic design. You can edit your intranet’s logo, header background, site width, site background, colors, font and more with the Simple Theme Builder, then save these themes and reuse them again.

Healthcare Intranet - Simple Design Editor

Customize your intranet’s look & feel.

Healthcare Intranet - Intranet Design - Simple Design Editor

Design Editor Customizations

The Design Editor goes beyond just the look and feel of your Healthcare Intranet. It also gives you the ability to make minor changes to the design such as turning off site breadcrumbs, changing the overall layout, customizing the intranet toolbar and more.

Further Customize with Advanced Design Editor

Further customize your Healthcare Intranet with Advanced Design Editor options. This allows you to change the colors and fonts of menu sections, headers, site navigation, content and more. You can view your design changes as you go before saving them using the interactive theme preview to ensure it looks right. Save your intranet design themes within the Advanced Design Editor and reuse as often as you’d like.

Healthcare Intranet - Advanced Design Editor

Advanced Design Editor options.