Improve UX With Mega Menus Navigation

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There is a direct correlation between good navigation and a positive user experience on your Healthcare Intranet. Increase organization and the overall user experience (UX) with Mega Menus Navigation. Mega Menus Navigation eliminates the challenge of dealing with tight drop down menus and ambiguous naming conventions by offering more space for navigation and the ability to group links with descriptive headers. This is a great way for staff to know what content is on your intranet and where they can find it.

Mega Menus Navigation allows you to add engaging widgets or feeds right to the menu, further enhancing your user’s experience. Building intuitive and engaging navigation is the key to a highly adopted intranet. Discover more ways you can utilize Mega Menus Navigation by requesting a FREE Guided Tour through our Healthcare Intranet.

User Friendly Menu Builder

You can quickly create and edit your Mega Menus Navigation in the user friendly menu builder, with drag-and-drop functionality. Within the interactive menu builder, you can edit, delete or move existing widgets, or add new ones, providing easy access to the most commonly tasks, Online Forms, documents or other information. This eliminates having to sort through multiple complicated navigation levels, expanding efficiency and productivity on your Healthcare Intranet immensely.

Healthcare Intranet - Intranet Design - Mega Menus Navigation

Quickly create Mega Menus with drag-and-drop functionality.

Healthcare Intranet - Information Architecture - Mega Menus Navigation

Save Space & Improve Productivity

Depending on the size of your organization and how much content you have built up on your Healthcare Intranet, you could have issues finding space in your navigation for valuable links. Mega Menus Navigation increases real estate on your Healthcare Intranet, providing you with the space you need to fit all of your valuable links in a simple, organized navigation menu. Organizing your menu items into clear columns and categories makes it easy for your staff to find content, ultimately saving them time and increasing productivity.

Improve Engagement & UX

Make your navigation not only functional, but engaging with the use of widgets. Mega Menus Navigation allows you to include widgets or content feeds directly to your menu. Whether it be a set image, or dynamically pulling content such as Employee Milestones, including items other than static content improves engagement and the overall user experience on your Healthcare Intranet.

Healthcare Intranet - Mega Menus Navigation - Intranet Widgets

Add various engaging widgets to your navigation.

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