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In order to best benefit its patients, a healthcare organization needs to make sure the right healthcare professionals have access to the right information at the right time. Our Healthcare Intranet offers the tools for improving communication. Finding a colleague, or the ER doctor on call, or looking up which staff members handle the collection of data for occupancy and census records can ease the overhead on delivery of information and knowledge.

Our Healthcare Intranet has a robust Staff Directory for all healthcare professionals within the organization. The directory allows you to sync with Microsoft Active Directory to pull in employees, volunteers, or interns. It automates quick look-up and creates staff communication channels through email, live chat, and message boards.

The Employee Directory allows you to tag your healthcare staffed based on their specialties, skills, wards, or other attributes to speed-up and simplify the employee look-up process. Structured and non-structured staff communication tools add to the ability to transfer and share knowledge, a critical piece to connecting the people behind your patients. Try it yourself and see how simple it is by requesting a Free 21-Day Healthcare Intranet Trial.

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Staff Communication Features

Healthcare Intranet Staff Communication

Connect the professionals supporting patients with tools to facilitate staff conversations plus knowledge and content sharing. Crowdsource ideas to improve patient care.

Intranet Connections Healthcare Intranet Employee Profiles - Financial Intranet

Employees can create their own online workspace featuring information such as employee milestones, alerts & subscriptions, page bookmarks and more.

Healthcare Intranet Chat - Live Chat

Live Chat on your Healthcare Intranet provides employees with instant access to answers they seek.

Employee Org Chat - Healthcare Intranet

Provide a quick glance at an employee’s role, who they report to, and who reports to them with a simple organizational chart.

Healthcare Intranet Mobiel Intranet

Go mobile to allow access to your Healthcare Intranet from anywhere and give employees instant access to employee directory, quick intranet search, and mobile collaboration.

Support Desk Ticketing - Healthcare Intranet

Centralize and keep track of your help desk ticketing on your Healthcare Intranet with easy access to technician assignment, ticket status, ticket history, and more.

Healthce Intranet Employee Recognition

Encourage your employees to provide positive feedback for a job well done or recognize hard work with employee recognition on your Healthcare Intranet through employee nominations.

Healthcare Intranet Microsoft Outlook Synchronization Calendars

Export your Microsoft Outlook Exchange mailbox calendar to your Healthcare Intranet and aggregate onto one calendar view, or vice versa.

Intranet Connections Enterprise Networking

Improve communications and employee engagement with networking tools such as message boards, live chat, status updates, and employee profiles.

Healthcare Intranet Connections Staff Directory

The Staff Directory and our unique Mega Menus help to feature doctors, nurses, orderlies, admitting and admin staff, residents, board of directors and even volunteers.

Employee Workspace Healthcare Intranet

Provide a personalized Staff Workspace that can be customized to each staff members’s preference, hidden to all other staff members.

RSS Widget

Stay current on articles from your favorite external websites by adding an RSS Feed to any site, or to a Staff Workspace.

Page Bookmarks in Employee Workspaces

Create personalized bookmarks to quickly access and organize your favorite pages, sites and resources to access on and off the intranet.

Employee Skills Tagging Healthcare Intranet

Filter staff members in search results by a specific skill set, such as Certified RN, CPR Certification or First Aid Training with Skills Tagging.

Staff Milestones Healthcare Intranet

Celebrate staff members by displaying important staff milestones anywhere on your Healthcare Intranet.

Alerts & Subscriptions Healthcare Intranet

Subscribe to receive alerts for new posts/content and message board comments as well as status update notifications, which can be delivered via email.

Featured Employee Feed Healthcare Intranet

Feature staff who have met certain criteria, such as being newly hired or reaching an accomplishment, with the Featured Employee Feed.

Event Sites Healthcare Intranet

Plan, organize and execute your next company event by creating an Event Site on your intranet to engage, invite and celebrate.

Feature Healthcare Professionals With Our Unique Mega Menus

Our unique Mega Menu Navigation offers extra capabilities for intranet navigation. The combination of navigation links and widgets of information provide an easier way to push tasks and information to healthcare professionals, making it more intuitive for staff to find information on your Healthcare Intranet.

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