Collaborate Effectively with Enterprise Social Networking

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The modern intranet has become more than just a business tool, it is also a platform for staff to collaborate, communicate and participate. Your Healthcare Intranet comes with built-in Enterprise Social Networking tools that you can use to encourage business goals, communicate vision and culture and improve patient care.

If your hospital, medical center or long-term care facility is slowly integrating social features, you have the control to have as many or as little Enterprise Social Networking tools enabled. You can also control which staff members are able to use Enterprise Social Networking tools, such as your front-line staff. To see what other Enterprise Social Networking tools are available in your Healthcare Intranet, request a one-on-one demo with one of our product specialists.

Communicate with Message Boards

Staff can post comments, questions and discussion topics to your intranet with Message Boards, accessed through the Staff Directory. Or, lock it down so that only management can access Message Boards to communicate company goals or cultural change. Message Boards is a great Enterprise Social Networking tool to ensure staff are communicating effectively.

Enterprise Social Networking with Message Boards

Communicate & collaborate with Message Boards.

Enterprise Social Networking with Follow Colleagues

See Valuable Content with Follow Colleagues

Some staff members will post information more relevant to you than others. If you find someone’s content valuable, such as your department or ward head, you can ‘follow’ them using Follow Colleagues. Following a specific staff member allows you to stay up-to-date on what they are posting, and interact with them.

Stay Informed with Status Updates

In the healthcare industry, schedules are often all over the map. You can stay informed on the comings and goings of all staff with Status Updates. Status Updates enables users to share where they’re working, such as ER, maternity ward or clinic. You can also keep track of which staff are on call or if they’re currently not at your healthcare organization. If you know you’re not going to be at work ahead of time, you can pre-set future away dates so that the entire staff is in the loop.

Enterprise Social Networking with Status Updates

View whether a colleague is in or out of the office.