Keep Organized With Event Sites

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Simplify the process of organizing team events with Event Sites. The days of inundating staff with events emails are over; thanks to the communication infrastructure on your Intranet. Keep staff up to date with information on fundraisers, team events, training sessions, annual staff parties and more centralized on the Event Site. You can even include all the necessary forms and documents for  event registration and tracking.

For specific events that require more attention or details, create a sub-site on your Healthcare Intranet. All events have the display customization to be seen by all staff or a particular group only.

To learn more about all the ways you can use the Event Sites for your Healthcare Intranet, request a one-on-one Guided Tour.

Centralize Event Info

The event site feed enables you to display all information on upcoming events right on the intranet’s homepage. Answer the ‘what, where, when & why’ and have all forms in one central location. Just how the Company News Feed displays company wide annoucements, display company events right on your healthcare intranet home page. It’s perfect for announcing upcoming staff appreciation lunches, team building events or fundraisers and seeing who’s able to make it and who has not yet added their RSVP.

event sites on your corporate intranet

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Develop Employees

Use your Event Sites to announce upcoming workshops or training sessions. It’s a great resource for your staff to keep up to date on their latest certifications. Just create an Event Site with the details and add a sign up form. Mandatory training sessions can easily track who has completed the training with the online sign in form.

Get Staff Engaged

A great way to inspire staff to get involved in company -wide events is to organize a fundraiser. Create a team for a good cause. You can even set up the donation form right in the Event Site. Staff can post their contributions, share their progress and promote within the intranet.

company fundraiser on event site