Receive Immediate Answers with Live Chat

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Healthcare organizations are face-paced environments that require strong, instant communication to keep staff attune to the patients needs. When patients need immediate care and quick answers, you won’t have time to wait for a lengthy email response. Live Chat on your Healthcare Intranet eliminates waiting and grants you access to the right answer quickly via instant messaging.

Live Chat ensures staff can communicate and collaborate instantly. Whether your healthcare organization is small, large or has multiple locations, Live Chat is a great tool for streamlining staff communications to better serve your staff, and your patients. Discover how Live Chat can help your staff connect by requesting a one-on-one demo of our Healthcare Intranet.

Eliminate Slow Response Times

The Staff Directory is the gateway to communication on your Healthcare Intranet. Through the Staff Directory, staff can access Live Chat by simply clicking the chat icon beside a colleagues name. The message will instantly send, and the respondent will receive an audio and visual alert notifying them of the conversation, ensuring the message cannot be missed.

Live Chat through Staff Directory

Speed up response times with Live Chat.

Live Chat with Healthcare Staff

Streamline Communication

In healthcare, you often need answers fast. Live Chat provides an at-a-glance view of who is online and available to answer a quick question. Make communication even more accessible by adding a Live Chat feed to a Department or Ward Site, Mega Menu or Dynamic Page.

Resolve IT Issues

Time is a factor in the fast-paced healthcare industry, and there is no room for error. When you are experiencing a technical problem, it is imperative to get it resolved as quickly as possible. You can use Live Chat as a tech support tool by displaying available IT Team members to avoid long waits on issues through an instant-message response.

Live Chat with IT

Display available Support Technicians to resolve issues.