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Sync your Outlook Calendar to your healthcare intranet with ease using Microsoft Outlook Exchange Synchronization. Pull staff events, meetings and appointments from multiple calendars and display them on your home site. Once your calendar is synced on both platforms, you’re able to make changes on one that update both in real time. Keep organized by assigning colour coded widgets and notifications.

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Personalize Your Outlook Calendar

Keep your Microsoft Outlook Calendar organized the way that works best for you. Arrange your outlook calendar to display in a chronological list, or set your preferences to only view daily events. Supplementary information such as meeting location can be turned on or hidden. Outlook Calendar Synchronization is just one of the ways that Intranet Connections helps your staff save time every day at the office.

Exchange Settings on Your Business Intranet

Change the view of your calendar to display a list or daily events.

Microsoft Outlook Exchange on Your Intranet

Customize Your Outlook Calendar Sync

Determine how often you wish to sync your Outlook Calendar Sync in your mailbox settings. Customize your sync intervals to daily, weekly, monthly or any time period you wish. Pull in mailboxes with different sync intervals and display them on one calendar together on your homepage.

Keep it Concise with Color Coding

Integrating multiple Microsoft Outlook Calendars can be messy business. Keep your events neat and organized by taking advantage of the colour coding feature. That way you can centralize staff events without compromising on style.

Intranet Connections Exchange Calendars