Show Appreciation with Staff Milestones

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It is important to create a sense of community in your healthcare organization. Your Healthcare Intranet is a great tool to assist with communicating your culture by sharing Staff Milestones or success. Staff are more engaged when they feel their organization cares about them. Small gestures like a manager sending a ‘thank you’ for a staff member’s loyalty and commitment to the hospital on their work anniversary can go a long way.

Your Healthcare Intranet can streamline these conversations with our built-in Staff Recognition, Featured Staff Feed and Staff Milestones features. See these features in action by requesting a personalized  demo of our Healthcare Intranet.

Staff Milestones

Participate in important Staff Milestones, such as birthdays and work anniversaries, by displaying them on your Healthcare Intranet. Displaying Staff Milestones allows staff to see who is celebrating a personal or work related milestone, and from there they can send a greeting through the intranet. These gestures increase staff retention, loyalty and engagement.

Healthcare Intranet - Staff Milestones

Healthcare Intranet - Staff Recognition

Staff Recognition

Like milestones, it’s important to share in a staff members success. Staff Recognition is critical in creating happy, satisfied and engaged staff members. Foster a positive culture by allowing staff to nominate each other for a job well done, and publicizing it using the Staff Recognition app on your Healthcare Intranet.

Featured Staff Feed

Similar to Staff Milestones, you can feature staff members that meet certain criteria with the Feature Staff Feed. For example, featuring new hires or staff members that reached a special achievement, such as 10 successful procedures in a row. Simply add a Staff Profile widget to a Department Site or Ward Site to randomly display a new Staff Profile each month, day or week.

Healthcare Intranet - Featured Staff Feed

Healthcare Intranet - Share Your First Job

Share Your First Job

An effective way to increase staff engagement and intranet adoption is to allow areas where staff can freely share, and learn more about each other. Maintaining a healthy culture should include some elements of fun. A great example of this is with the Share Your First Job app.