Visually Organize & Connect Staff

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Due to the vast amount of staff members in a healthcare organization, it can be difficult to know who to contact to make things happen. While you can easily find and connect with people through the Staff Directory, you can’t see who reports to who. Viewing an entire department and its staff hierarchy through the Staff Org Chart can help you identify who has the answer you seek.

The Staff Org Chart on your Healthcare Intranet gives you an at-a-glance display of supervisor, manager and staff relationships. Looking for an executive to spearhead the Community Site for UNICEF? Simply search for staff in the Staff Directory and use the built-in org chart to uncover who in that department is the best contact. Discover how the Staff Org Chart can better organize staff by requesting a personalized Healthcare Intranet demo.

Visually Organize Staff

The Staff Org Chart displays which department a staff member belongs to, along with who they report to, all in an at-a-glance view. You can access the staff member to manager relationship through the Staff Directory by clicking their name.

Healthcare Intranet - Staff Org Chart

View all staff members in a department, plus their department head.

Healthcare Intranet - Manage Staff - Org Chart

Manage Relationships

Manage and maintain staff-to-supervisor relationships effectively with the Staff Org Chart. You can manually set who reports to whom, or make it simple by importing staff from the robust Staff Directory. Adding new staff is quick and simple with the Staff Org Chart.

Connect Staff

The Staff Org Chart provides an outlet for you to contact anyone in a specific department or ward, allowing staff to connect with multiple people on the fly. Whether it’s front-line staff, doctors or nurses, you can select who it is you wish to connect with and e-mail them directly, or you can contact them thought Message Boards or Live Chat linked from the Staff Org Chart. This is especially useful for larger healthcare organizations, such as hospitals or long-term care facilities, with several departments, locations or wards.

Healthcare Intranet - Staff Communications - Staff Org Chart

Communicate with staff through the Org Chart.