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Personalize your Healthcare Intranet with custom Staff Profiles. Staff Profiles are accessed through the Staff Directory and each staff member can personalize their profile as much or as little as they’d like. Each Staff Profile has the tools available to pull site content that you are interested in, such as bookmarks to various areas on your Healthcare Intranet, subscriptions to content, frequently used documents and more.

Staff Profiles is also a great way for staff members to get to know their colleagues a little bit better as each profile has an ‘about me’ section, ‘skills’ section and more. However, the Staff Profiles, along with any other social tools, can be disabled if your hospital or medical center isn’t ready to fully adopt social yet. To discover the various ways you can utilize Staff Profiles, request a FREE Guided Tour through our Healthcare Intranet.

Staff Workspace

Unlike your Staff Profile, which is public to all other staff members, you can create a personalize Staff Workspace that only you are able to see. Because the Staff Workspace is hidden to all other staff members, it is a great area to post both work related resources and personal resources, such as errand lists and family photos. To further personalize your Staff Workspace, you can add in a variety of intranet widgets, such as Message Boxes, images, flash embeds, content feeds and links to external content.

Healthcare Intranet - Staff Profiles - Staff Workspace

Healthcare Intranet - Staff Profiles - RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds

Stay updated with articles from your favorite external websites by adding an RSS Feed to your personal Staff Workspace. RSS Feeds provide summaries of web content including the link to the full version of the content. Stay current with your favorite news sites by pulling them directly to your Staff Workspace.

Page Bookmarks & Tools

Share, bookmark, print or email content from your Healthcare Intranet with Page Bookmarks & Tools. This is a great way for users to promote intranet content to their colleagues, as well as site managers to share relevant content with specific staff members. Page Bookmarks & Tools enables you share any content, and from there a link to the content and a short snippet of text on what the content is about is generated. You then choose who you would like to share it with, and the content will appear on that persons Message Board.

Healthcare Intranet - Staff Profiles - Page Bookmarks & Tools

Healthcare Intranet - Staff Profiles - Skills Tagging

Skills Tagging

It is easy to filter staff members by department or ward. However, Skills Tagging enables you to find staff members through tagging. For example, tagging someone as “CPR Certified” or “Certified RN”, so staff members can search for colleagues based on a desired skill. Alternatively, you can utilize Skills Tagging for more fun aspects, such as “Willing to Carpool” or “Dog Trainer”. This helps your staff find a buddy to seek out during the onboarding process.

Alerts & Subscriptions

Users can subscribe to any content throughout your Healthcare Intranet, enabling an alert to be sent to the user any time content is published or updated in an area to which they subscribed. Alerts can be sent through your Healthcare Intranet, or sent as an email notification to ensure staff never miss fresh content. There is also the option to set up automatic alerts to unsubscribed content, such as content review dates or new comments on the author’s content.

Healthcare Intranet - Staff Profiles - Alerts & Subscriptions