Effectively Collaborate with Blogging

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Unify your staff members by clearly communicating your corporate culture, vision, mission and goals. In large healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, it’s difficult to ensure all staff from your part-time, front-line staff to you surgeons, are getting the same message. Blogging on your Healthcare Intranet is a great way to communicate your messaging to a large audience of people in on central location. Publish a weekly, monthly or quarterly blog from the CEO, or open it up for all staff to blog.

Blogging can also be used as a tool to help teams collaborate on projects, or as a way for departments/wards to communicate. There are security options built into Blogging that ensures all information shared through the Blogging application is only visible to those authorized to see it. To see how Blogging can benefit your healthcare organization, request a FREE guided tour through our Healthcare Intranet.

Streamline Communication

The bigger your hospital or medical center, the harder is to ensure all staff are on the same page. Especially with doctors, nurses and surgeons all being on different schedules, coming in at all hours of the day and night. Having a blog from the CEO, or other leaders within the organization, is a great way to make sure all staff members are in-the-know. Blogging promotes inspiration among staff members and helps give your hospital or medical center a human face. Simply including an executive blog on your Healthcare Intranet will streamline communication, boost engagement and improve adoption.

Healthcare Intranet - Staff Engagement - Blogging

Streamline communication with Blogging.

Healthcare Intranet - Staff Engagement - Collaborative Blogging

Two-Way Communication & Collaboration

Encourage collaboration between colleagues or team members through Blogging on your Healthcare Intranet. Due to the sensitive nature of the healthcare industry and secure information housed on your intranet, you can create a blog that is only visible to specific teams, departments or individuals, such as nurses. Enable comments on blogs so members can openly communicate with one another on each blog post.

Custom Blogging Settings

Make your blog ‘you’ with the customization options built-into the Blogging application. You can customize the design of the blog, enable archiving & clean-up, disable blog post approvals and more.

Healthcare Intranet - Staff Engagement - Custom Blogging

Customize the look & feel of your blogs.