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Keeping staff informed is essential in the healthcare industry. Having informed staff can improve patient care and safety within your hospital, medical center or other healthcare organization. Share important information directly to your Healthcare Intranet home page with the Company News application. Displaying this information on the home pages makes it accessible for staff as it will be the first thing they see when they login. In addition, you can eliminate lengthy all-staff emails by sharing Company News to your Healthcare Intranet.

Due to the sensitive nature of the healthcare industry, you can limit who is able to post to Company News so that the application doesn’t become cluttered with irrelevant information. Alternatively, you have the option to open it up for all staff to share announcements. With the use of content approval workflows, you can determine who can and can’t publish to the Company News application, ensuring important information isn’t missed. Inform your healthcare staff with Company News by requesting a FREE guided tour through our Healthcare Intranet.

Share Updates with Company News

Share important company information in your hospital or medical center with Company News. You can inform staff on changes to policies, procedures, schedules, appointments and more all within the Company News application. Posting the latest updates on the Company News application will ensure staff are signing onto your Healthcare Intranet daily to stay informed, improving intranet adoption as well as eliminating all-staff emails that often go ignored.

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Inform staff of important changes with Company News.

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Publish News to Improve Adoption

You can choose to use Company News for one-way communication from management, surgeons or certain wards, or open up to all staff members to publish news. Whether it be an accomplishment like delivering the most babies on record from the Maternity Ward, or a personal achievement such as completing a marathon, Company News is the best way to share such information. Staff will begin to sign on to your Healthcare Intranet daily to see what new story is shared, causing intranet adoption to skyrocket.

Post Important Announcements

To reap the benefits of Company News, it is best to have it on your intranet home page for all staff members to see. Having Company News updates front and center makes it so that important updates won’t go unseen by your staff. This is especially useful for any changes in policy or procedure that need all staff members must acknowledge.

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Post Company News to the home page for high visibility.