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Connect and collaborate effectively with Discussion Forums on your Healthcare Intranet. Provide your staff a place to communicate and collaborate on projects, department/ward issues, patient challenges, community initiatives and more online. Discussion Forums moves team collaboration online by providing a digital platform for discussions that can help enhance communication in your hospital, medical center, long-term care facility or other healthcare organization.

You can use the Discussion Forums to open topics for staff to contribute to, or have staff create their own Discussion Forums based on common interests. Alternatively, you can lock down topics and conversations for specific wards, departments, teams or individuals. See how Discussion Forums can improve communication and collaboration by requesting a live demo of our Healthcare Intranet.

Collaborate as a Team

You can use Discussion Forums as a helpful tool for working on team projects. Projects can be split into categories and locked down for certain wards or team members to contribute to only. Staff can simply add to the discussion, read it, create new project topics or reply to current project topics. Each Discussion Forum will display who originally posted the discussion, the number of replies it has and tags associated with it.

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Share Tips & Tricks

Every organization has original tips, tricks and best practices to share. Discussion Forums is a great way for department heads to share  with staff, or staff to share with colleagues. Improve efficiency by simply creating a Discussion Forum category open to all staff to post tips and tricks for getting daily work tasks done effectively. You can also add optional workflow approval to ensure Discussion Forum postings meet company guidelines.

Subscribe to Hot Topics

See something of interest or value? Subscribe to it and keep up-to-date on discussion replies. Staff who have rights to view or contribute to certain categories can subscribe to the forum. This allows them to receive alerts whenever new content has been posted. staff can choose if you want the alerts to be sent to their Staff Profile or directly to their e-mail. Alert settings are flexible, allowing staff to set alert type by categories. For example, important discussions can be set as high priority and sent via e-mail.

Subscribe to Specific Discussion Forums

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