Build Communities with Healthcare Event Calendars

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Healthcare intranets show a great sense of community, whether it’s through the sharing of knowledge within the Staff Directory, or celebrating the success of past achievements and current fundraising donations on the Fundraising Site. At Intranet Connections we offer you the technology you need to build your community and improve the quality of your work environment as well as your patient care.

Using the power of the Intranet Community site within our Healthcare Intranet Software, your staff can collaborate and communicate with eachother to build a sense of togetherness – your own healthcare community within your organization.

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Share in your Healthcare Intranet Community

Community sites can be created on your healthcare intranet to promote staff celebrations, employee rewards, staff news, events, photo albums and water-cooler online conversations like our County Chatter. Although everyone has important jobs to do, your staff members are moms and dads, brothers and sisters, friends and peers. Creating a community on your healthcare intranet is about the human side of healthcare and honoring those healthcare professionals that work hard to serve patients and the community.