Bolster Engagement with an Image Slider

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Improve staff engagement and intranet adoption with a rotating Image Slider on your intranet home page. The Image Slider can rotate through several images, each of which may include embedded links to other areas of your Healthcare Intranet, or links to any external sites.

Add an aesthetically appealing element to your Healthcare Intranet’s home screen with an Image Slider, or drive staff to other popular areas of your intranet site with embedded links. To see the Image Slider in action, request a personalized demo of our Healthcare Intranet Software.

 Make Popular Resources Accessible

Make it easy for staff to access popular resources on your Healthcare Intranet through the use of images. The Image Slider allows you to embed links onto each image, then rotate through multiple images. For example, if you have an Online Form that gets filled out on a daily to weekly basis, such as expense forms or cafeteria order forms, include an image and link to it in your Image Slider for quick, easy access.

Healthcare Intranet - Rotating Image Slider

Customize your Image Slider

The Image Slider gives you the flexibility to completely customize design to fit your needs. You can adjust the height and width of the images to fit with the style and layout of your intranet. In addition, you can pre-set the duration at which the image appears, as well as how quickly it transitions into the next image.

Rotating Image Slider on your Healthcare Intranet

Determine the height, width and duration of the images.

Bolster Staff Engagement

If you don’t want to include links on your Image Slider, but still want to add a visual element to your intranet, you can include an Image Slider free of links. Choosing to add a link to another area of your site is completely up to you. Simply having images on your intranet alone improves intranet adoption and staff engagement.

Healthcare Intranet - Staff Engagement - Image Slider