Streamline the Employee Onboarding Process

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Your Employee Onboarding process is a key element in your employee’s success, engagement and retention. It is also a critical part of employee training. A Healthcare Intranet from Intranet Connections can take your Employee Onboarding process from inconsistent, tedious and manual, to efficient, consistent and routine.

With the tools available to you in our Healthcare Intranet, you can centralize, standardize and streamline your Employee Onboarding process. Discover the various Employee Onboarding tools by requesting a Guided Tour of our Healthcare Intranet.

Online Forms & Document Management

Ensuring all the necessary forms have been filled out, and all the required documentation as been read, by new staff members is essential to your Employee Onboarding process. Simpy facilitate this with the Online Forms and Document Read/Agree features built-in to your Healthcare Intranet. A helpful tip is to create an onboarding checklist on your intranet to completely manage the onboarding process in one central location that is easy for all employees to access.

Healthcare Intranet - Employee Onboarding - Online Forms

Utilize Online Forms & Document Management  to improve onboarding.

Healthcare Intranet - Employee Onboarding - Online Training Calendar

Simplify Employee Onboarding

Streamline the Employee Onboarding process with the Online Training Calendar. This features enables new staff to register for courses on your Healthcare Intranet, such as training sessions. You can also view who has registered for classes, who is currently on a class wait list and more. To simplify the Employee Onboarding and Employee Training processes even further, you can conduct the courses online through eLearning modules.

Make Onboarding Resources Accessible

House all your Employee Onboarding resources in one central location on your Healthcare Intranet. A best practice for this is creating a dedicated onboarding site. This site can include all documents necessary for Employee Training and Onboarding, such as: policy and procedural manuals, employee forms, the employee handbook, code of conduct and more.

Healthcare Intranet - Employee Onboarding Site

Ensure all Employee Onboarding resources are easily accessible.

Healthcare Intranet - Employee Onboarding - Online Tests

Create Online Tests for New Staff

To ensure the Employee Onboarding process runs smoothly, and new staff members are up-to-speed on company policies, you can create Online Tests. Online Tests is a great way to confirm new staff members have comprehended important information. Each Online Test has randomized question banks so that no two test are the same, and all tests are automatically scored on-the-spot.