Healthcare Intern Evaluations Simplified

Intern Evaluations 2017-09-15T09:48:08-07:00

Several of our hospital customers have used our Application Builder to create an Intern Review and Evaluation application on their healthcare intranet designed to provide an easy and secured forum to discuss the refinement of intern evaluations through feedback from fellow residents and physicians. Templates can be devised for each intern to cover communication skills, problem identification, differential diagnosis, clinical reasoning and treatment plans. Quizzes or tests can be created for internship through our Form Builder tool and attached to the Intern Evaluations application, and the entire application can be locked down, visible only to those who should have access to see it.

Discussions can take place surrounding structured feedback to the interns early in their training. This format has allowed the identification of any deficiencies in the training process and guide future evaluations.

Interested in seeing the intern evaluations application live?  Request a free, personalized 20-minute demo of our Healthcare Intranet Software.

Use Your Intranet to Provide Feedback on New Interns

The Intern Evaluations application on your Intranet Connections Healthcare Intranet comes out-of-the-box as a template that can be easily customized. Add additional fields for capturing specific data on intern performance such as fields for assessing problem identification, clinical reasoning and patient communication skills. You control the layout and field placement of these applications. Comments and discussions surrounding the intern feedback and training processes are stored and searchable. Quizzes, tests and survey forms can be created in our Form Builder tool and attached.