Collect Feedback with Online Surveys

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Create unlimited Online Surveys with ease to gather feedback, measure satisfaction or collect other important data. Simply build out as many surveys as you’d like by entering questions and answer options in the easy-to-use Online Survey builder. Building Online Surveys is extremely easy with our drag-and-drop functionality, allowing anyone in your healthcare organization to create a  survey.

Online Surveys are versatile and can be used for anything on your Healthcare Intranet, and they come with the flexibility to customize each survey to fit your needs. Create your own Online Surveys by requesting a FREE demonstration of our Healthcare Intranet.

Flexible Customization Options

Differentiate how your questions and answers in each of your Online Surveys are displayed. The Online Surveys builder gives you the flexibility to choose between drop down menus, radio buttons or checkboxes for how your answers are displayed. In addition, you can customize how you’d like your Online Surveys to display questions so that the survey is different each time it is taken, making no two surveys the same. For example, create 12 Online Survey questions, but choose only to have 6 appear on the survey. The 6 questions displayed will be randomly selected each time a survey is taken.

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Customize how questions and answers are displayed.

Healthcare Intranet - Online Surveys

Streamline Online Surveys Creation

When creating your Online Surveys, you will likely have several surveys with similar answers. Due to the busy nature of the healthcare industry, you probably don’t have a lot of time to spend manually entering the same Q&A every time you create a survey. To alleviate this, we give you the option to duplicate your Online Surveys questions and answers, rather than retyping the entire question over again.

Create Engaging Online Surveys

Make your Online Surveys engaging by further customizing the look and feel. Decide whether your want your layout to display horizontally or vertically, and with singular or multiple columns. Then group sections together with custom headings, all easily arranged through the easy-to-use Online Surveys builder with drag-and-drop functionality.

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