Learning with Online Tests & Quizzes

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Continued education and offering personal growth to all staff members are ways in which you can maximize your Healthcare Intranet and extend better patient care as a result. Enhance knowledge building and publish online tests, exams and quizzes onto your intranet. Manually scoring and tracking tests is time consuming, your Healthcare Intranet automates this process for you, revolutionizing the way you facilitate staff training and testing.

Simply create Online Tests with a bank of test questions to quiz staff on healthcare regulations, company policies, proper procedures and more. The tests will automatically be scored immediately after a staff members has submitted the test so they can see how they did. See the Online Tests in action by requesting a live demo of our Healthcare Intranet.

Build Online Tests
that Auto-Score

If you offer training courses, workshops or learning sessions for your healthcare professionals, Online Tests provide a way to test staff on knowledge gained. You can build Online Tests with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality. When building tests, you can assign scores for each question and indicate what score the test taker must receive in order to pass. Online Tests are scored immediately upon taking the test.

Healthcare Intranet - Online Tests

Build tests with drag-and-drop functionality.

Healthcare Intranet - Online Tests - Question Banks

Determine scoring weight for each question.

Create a Randomized Question Bank

Add a question bank to any Online Tests so that questions can be randomized each time a test is taken. This ensures that no two staff members will have the same question and answers in the same order, as well as reduces the risk of staff memorizing answers. You can limit how many times staff can complete a test, or allow them to take it as many times as they’d like.

Accurate Automated Scoring

Staff will receive their score immediately after taking a test to see if they passed or failed. Each question carries a weighted score determined by the creator of the test. Once the test has been scored, staff can look back to see which questions they got right or wrong. From there, they can decided whether or not to retake the test.

Healthcare Intranet - Online Tests - Automated Scoring

Automated scoring displays immediate results.