Facilitate Staff Learning with the Online Training Calendar

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Conveniently train staff online through your Healthcare Intranet with the Online Training Calendar. Moving staff training online yields significant time cost-savings and takes up less resources. Facilitate online training for new hires, or offer continued education for staff development.

The Online Training Calendar provides an simple, user-friendly calendar interface to schedule, manage, organize and track training courses, seminars and more. Learn how the Online Training Calendar can streamline the staff training process by requesting a FREE demo of our Healthcare Intranet.

Customize Your Courses

Choose the details of your course, such as class size, location, class instructor and more from within the Online Training Calendar. You can also enable optional supervisor notifications or approvals, which will automatically send an email to the supervisor notifying them of new registrants.

Healthcare Intranet - Online Training Calendar - Customized Courses

Completely customize your training courses.

Online Training Registration - Healthcare Intranet

Manage active registrants and staff on waitlists.

Manage Registrations & Waitlists

Depending on the size of your hospital, medical center or other healthcare facility, managing course completion and registration can be a time-consuming task. Alleviate the time spent manually managing registrations and waitlists with the Online Training Calendar. You can manage active course registration, as well as add waitlists to your course options to track alternate course attendees and measure the overall interest in courses.

Schedule Multiple Courses

For courses that spread across multiple dates or times, the Online Training Calendar has the option for Multi-Course Scheduling. This makes it easier to manage multiple session staff training. Staff can simply sign up for each course offered in the program, all through a single online form.

Online Class Scheduling - Healthcare Intranet

Hold staff training courses with multiple sessions.

Online Training Registration - Healthcare Intranet

Manage online training with detailed tracking & reporting.

Track and Report on Courses

The Online Training Calendar allows you to manage, track and report on class attendance, registration, waitlists and more through the interactive calendar interface. Efficiently report on which staff members have finished courses, as well as run a report on specific courses to view course stats, number of sessions, registered staff and waitlisted staff.