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Intranet Connections

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The IT Guide to a Simple Intranet

Making Life Easier for the IT-Admin

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Our intranet software is simple to set-up, delegate, manage, maintain and use which means most of our intranet admins only dedicate a few hours a week to ensure the intranet is doing its job. Our IT Intranet Guide provides ways in which we ensure smooth intranet management.

A Focus on Intranet Simplicity

Our e-book will show you ways to simplify your intranet management, including:

  • Keeping it Lean

  • Breaking Up Content

  • Promoting Through Word of Mouth

  • Dumbing it Down

  • Focusing on Usefulness

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Why Intranet Connections?

Intranet Connections helps your organization connect, collaborate and create better by streamlining workflows, increasing productivity and engaging employees with our intranet software solution.