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Discover valuable resources that can assist in your intranet journey. We aim to provide valuable content that will help you during your intranet selection process with whitepapers, case studies, eBooks, videos, features sheets and more. We also provide real intranet examples of the way our customers utilize our intranet software.

Other beneficial resources you will find on this page include our installation requirements for our intranet software, 10 ways to to achieve intranet ROI, fast FAQs about our intranets and key benefits of Intranet Connections. If you’d like to see our intranet software in action, request a FREE personal Guided Tour or email us clientservices@intranetconnections.com.

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Intranet Whitepapers

Download the Corporate Intranet Whitepaper

Corporate Intranet Whitepaper

Streamline processes and improve communication in your business with our Corporate Intranet features.


Download the Financial Intranet Whitepaper

Financial Intranet Whitepaper

Learn how your Financial Institution can better connect, collaborate & create with our Financial Intranet.


Download the Healthcare Intranet Whitepaper

Healthcare Intranet Whitepaper

Discover how your healthcare organization can benefit from the 100+ features in our Healthcare Intranet.


FREE Intranet eBooks


Download the Financial Intranet Best Practices eBook

Financial Intranet Best Practices

Discover our 10 best practices for your financial intranet with our Intranet eBook.


Download the Top 10 Things to Look for in an Intranet eBook

Top 10 Things to Look for in an Intranet

Uncover the Top 10 Things to Look for in an Intranet with our intranet eBook.


101 Intranet Tips

Our popular eBook offering 101 tips and ideas from real-world examples of social intranets.


History of the Intranet

Our eBook will walk you through the almost two decade evolution of today’s intranet.


Download the Executive's Guide eBook

The Executive’s Guide

Discover how to better connect with your employees through intranet executive engagement.


Download the IT Guide eBook

IT’s Intranet Guide

Simplify your intranet set-up, maintenance, delegation and management with these quick tips.


Download the HR Guide eBook

HR’s Intranet Guide

Discover how HR intranet management can enhance and optimize your intranet experience.


Download the Social Intranet Guide eBook

Social Engagement Guide

Enhance your employee engagement levels by leveraging your intranet social tools.


Social Intranet Toolkit

25 ways to leverage your social intranet in our new eBook: Social Intranet Toolkit.


Your Intranet Journey

Our Intranet Journey will walk you through best practices in getting started with a social intranet.


5 Best Practices for Intranet Design

Discover tips, tricks & best practices for intranet design with real life examples.


Why Not SharePoint?

Don’t get caught up in the hype. Discover a SharePoint Alternative you’ll love. See why 50% of our customers switched from SharePoint.

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Intranet vs. Internet

When the terms intranet and internet closely resemble one another, do your credit union employees know the difference?

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Other Resources

Intranet ROI

We pride ourselves on being an intranet software solution not just for today’s needs, but for the needs of your business 10 years from now.

intranet software

View a quick list of implementation and server requirements for your business intranet set-up.

intranet benefits

The benefits of implementing Intranet Connections within your corporate, financial or healthcare company.

intranet software faq

Your most commonly asked questions when choosing an intranet solution, answered!