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These days people truly care about simplicity. Simplicity is our number 1 core value as a company and with our intranet software. Second to that is empathy – we strive to always put ourselves in our customer’s shoes. We treat the members of our team and our customers with empathy. We go the extra mile, and we treat you like we would want to be treated. Our customers are not just a revenue driver, they are part of our Intranet Connections family. If you are interested in learning more about our intranet story we would love to share it with you.

Our philosophy is to build tools and functionality into your intranets that are highly intuitive and easy to use. We want it to be so simple you can do it yourself. This leaves us with the fun of helping you through great advice, sharing ideas, coaching you to intranet success and helping to maximize your intranet software. The out-of-the-box nature of our corporate intranet software has been expanded to bring you implementations out-of-the-box based on what works for our customers.

 We want to make it simple for you.

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The grass roots of our intranet software is simplicity. Our Founder, Carolyn Douglas, used to be an Intranet Manager. She likes to joke that her background is as an end-user as she does not come at developing software from a technical point of view but rather from the view of how an employee would actually use the intranet. Simplicity is woven into the fabric of our company, in everything we do and in everything we consider when striving for the best intranet software.

Every component of Intranet Connections is built-in for you. There is no need to figure out CSS stylesheets to gain more control over designs and themes, it is all built-in. There is no need to write code or API’s. You don’t have to hire consultants to figure out the implementation and setup or build your applications. From our unique Mega Menus to our Site and Application Builder, we make it simple for you.

All-Inclusive Intranet Software

Easily and quickly set up sites and areas of your corporate, financial or healthcare intranet, controlling the design, permissions and structure, and then hand it off to other departments, locations, branches and business units. Our built-in approval workflows, rich e-forms with automated smarts like GPS mapping for mileage calculations, expense reporting, surveys and employee tests, eLearning, and social intranet tools make it super simple to implement business intranet with social and collaborative elements, right out of the box.

Our three intranet products for corporate, financial and healthcare intranets not only offer an out-of-the-box experience in your intranet platform but with implementation as well. We took the best ideas and what really works with our customers to bring you an implementation out-of-the-box based on best in class intranets from our customers like you.

Smart Delegation

Most of our intranet champions are in IT. We recognize that IT often is handed the job of finding and implementing a corporate intranet. We make life easier for IT with our delegation utilities. IT can build the framework of intranet sites, and then pass ownership to various departments and business units while still maintaining as much (or as little) control as IT wants. We do this through granular security permissioning and ownership structures on sites, applications, folders of content and pages and in a myriad of tools built just for smart delegation and minimal management.

Streamlined Automation

Similar to delegation we have built-in smart automation to help make your job of managing the intranet easier. Approval workflows, student training registrations, content archival, automated cleanups, content review dates, user alerts and subscriptions and smart functions within our Widget Library  can all be pre-set and then left for the intranet to maintain. We do the work to automate the management of notifications, removal and archival of content, the push of content to home pages, and knowing when and who to send alerts and approvals to.

Foster Corporate Culture

We love a culture that promotes teamwork and collaboration and you will see this reflected in our intranet software as well as our blog posts and our interactions with you. Part of our philosophy is that your intranet can definitely impact and support your corporate culture and facilitate leadership and peer mentoring. Our passion for culture, teamwork and leadership has infused our company and our three intranet products with ways in which to  leverage these principles.

The Element of Surprise

Our little secret – surprises. We love to surprise, whether it be in your  experience with our team, the value-add of our blog posts, or  the extra mile we took to make your intranet software a delight. It is our  mandate in all that we do to add in that element of surprise. We can’t tell you  more or it would ruin the very nature of our little secret!

Executive Engagement Intranet Benefit

The Executive’s Guide to Employee Engagement

Download our Executive’s Guide to Engagement on your Intranet to learn how to leverage intranet tools to help executives better connect, collaborate and create with their employees with executive blogs, employee surveys and more.