Your Common Intranet Questions Answered

Of course!  If you are interested in contacting other customers within your industry or location which use our product, please contact our sales team at

Yes! Your Intranet Connections software comes complete with a Stats & Analytics tracking and reporting tool.

Definitely! Using our Multiple File Upload tool you can upload multiple documents to a folder at once.

Absolutely! We don’t offer generalized demos where you are on the call with multiple other companies. We tailor individual demos to you and our Product Manager is on the call to assist with any technical questions. To set up a demo, please contact Client Services.

Of course!  Our demos are conducted through a Gotomeeting session, so you can bring anyone you would like to the demo with you who would like to see the product.

Our intranet demos consist of a short, 20-minute webinar with one of our Sales Team members.

We have customers anywhere from 25 users to 5000+ users. However, the majority of our customers are SMBs between 50 – 500 users.

Our requirements are fairly basic. You can review what you’ll need to get started under the Intranet Connections requirements page.

We hope ease of use and the personal touch we give – it’s all about the experience. Feature-wise, we definitely pack a lot of wow factor into our Form Builder. It is the #1 tool our customers use and gain immediate ROI. You can create expense reports, mileage tracking, online surveys, vacation request forms; you can even create tests with resulting scores. Tests blends in nicely with our Training Calendar where employees can register for training courses.

Our mobile intranet access is available and supported on all major mobile operating systems, including: Apple (iOS), Android and Blackberry.

Of course! You can change options such as text colors, link colors, header colors and more using the advanced design editor on your business intranet site.

We sure do. You have full access to your peers and colleagues contact details while on the road. You can also talk and connect through your mobile intranet, using our built-in social networking tools like chat, message walls, share content, post status updates, when you are going to be back in the office. Plus you can tap into ALL the content on your intranet through our mobile quick search. Check out our mobile social intranet landing page.

Our pricing is simple and is the most up-front differentiator. It is a one-time cost and you own the software, you don’t rent or lease it, you own your business intranet. We have a lot of healthcare and financial institutions on Intranet Connections due to this pricing model. For actual costs request a quote.

No! At Intranet Connections we pride ourselves on scalability, which means our software and our pricing model has been constructed to allow for your company to grow without any hassles.  Our licensing costs are a one-time fee.

Sending an email to will open a ticket in our Zendesk ticketing system, which will be responded to promptly by a member of our Support Team.  Our ticketing system allows both you and our Support Team member to track issues reported by your Company to refer to at a later date if need be. Got a critical issue? No problem!  Our support team can also be reached by phone between 7am – 5pm pacific time to assist you should you be experiencing an issue you require assistance with immediately.

We use ZenDesk for the Intranet Connections Support Site. It is full of knowledgebase articles, best practices, advice, tips, videos and how-to’s. This in no way replaces the personal and undivided attention you get from our support team. Our customers and the relationship we have with you is first and foremost – you can’t offer that through an online support site. We get that.

You can call us and talk to our support team between the hours of 7am – 5pm PST. If you feel like sending an email, we’ll answer that too :)

To get a trial simply fill out the trial form. You can choose to download the software onto your own web server, or get started quickly with our hosted trial. Either way you can retain 100% of the work you do on the site, any branding, designs, content added. Once you fill out the form, we will be in touch with next steps.


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Intranet Connections has changed the way we have conversations with our employees. The tool offers a plethora of out-of-the-box functionality, offering solutions to everyday challenges related to how information is disseminated throughout the organization. The support provided by the team at Intranet Connections is the icing on the cake.
Stacy Lowman, World Travel Holdings