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Gold Coast Hospital Intranet Design Example

Gold Coast Hospital provides care in hospital and community settings across the expanding Gold Coast region.

Gold Coast utilizes their healthcare intranet for posting hospital newsletters, upcoming events, new policies, and employee information. The biggest benefit, however, has come from moving their training processes online.

In 2013 Gold Coast used their Intranet Connections healthcare intranet, ‘Emergency Web’ to build out credentialing packages online, for employees to fill out. Emergency Web has since become the hub of employee knowledge – a centralized place to locate information, register for on-site courses and even fill out credentialing packages online with automated workflow and scoring. Passing one of these credentialing packages earns the employee a pin to wear on their lanyard around the hospital.

Emergency Web has nailed the concept of ‘simple, yet robust’. Their healthcare intranet homepage is clean, inviting, and easy to navigate. The left-hand column options are action items which make it simple for the employee to find the link they need, and the top navigation is not overly cluttered. Each of these areas of the intranet, however, has been built out significantly and contains a plethora of information for employees.