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Supported Versions

We’ll do our best to help no matter what version of our software you’re on, but solutions get more difficult the older your version. We strive to maintain backward compatibility between upgrades and to provide a smooth migration process for your organization.

Our provision of effective fixes is dependent on you maintaining the software as up-to-date. Updates and upgrades are available to customers who pay for annual maintenance. If your organization isn’t currently on maintenance but would like to be, reach out to us at support@intranetconnections.com.

Product updates in the form of hotfixes or patches are generally provided for our two most recent product versions. Our current Hotfix and Patch supported versions are:

  • Version 14.5 (Elevate Experience)
  • Version 14.0 (Intranet Insights and Analytics)

Service Levels

We provide unlimited product support as part of your annual maintenance fee. If your issue is beyond a product issue, we’ll do our best to help you get things working again.

We believe a balanced approach gets the best results, as opposed to strict service level agreements and tiered models. All times are measured from your initial submission of a ticket.

Responses to defects will be guided by the combined severity reported and the priority set internally by us.

Defect Impact Initial Human Response Resolution or Workaround
Severity 1 (Urgent): Site down, corruption data loss, or Defect that (a) causes loss of, or significant impairment of, a business-critical function, (b) creates or poses a material risk to the security or integrity of your data, property or equipment, or (c) creates or poses a material risk to the safety or security of any person. One Business Hour Two Business Days
Severity 2 (High): Defect that results in (a) some user inconvenience, or (b) loss or impairment of important functionality other than business-critical functionality. Two Business Hours Ten Business Days
Severity 3 (Normal): General questions, or a Defect that results in (a) minor user inconvenience, or (b) loss or impairment of non-critical or non-important functionality. Four Business Hours Commercially Reasonable Efforts

Have specific questions about our Web Server Requirements for your intranet?

Please email us at clientservices@intranetconnections.com or call us directly at 604-924-9770.