Webinar: What Do Financial Intranets Do?

Learn How a Financial Intranet Can Help Your Financial Institution

What is a Financial Intranet?

financial intranet webinar

As more and more banks, credit unions and financial organizations understand the business case for an intranet, the question of whether a financially tailored intranet is the best solution arises.

Why a Finance Intranet?

Our On-Demand Webinar: “What Do Financial Intranets Do?” walks through the features, functionality and tools that help engage, organize and involve your finance employees, including:

  • Engagement: Member Services, Self-Service Branches & Financial Mega Menus.
  • Organization: Compliance Site, Online Forms & Financial Intranet Applications.
  • Involvement: E-Learning, Community Fundraising Site & Employee Surveys.
  • Real World Financial Intranet Example: Pima Federal Credit Union.
  • Financial Intranet Testimonials: 3 Happy Credit Union Customers.

“What Do Financial Intranets Do?”

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