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Free Intranet eBook: Your Intranet Journey

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Your Intranet Needs a Clear Strategy

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Build a better social intranet: this eBook will teach you how! Employees want to feel that company leaders care about them; HR wants to create a sense of community, collaboration and purpose; IT wants an intranet that is easy to deploy and manage, and the company intranet must serve all these functions.

Simplicity & Alignment Breed Success

Our e-book will walk you through the journey you take when deploying an intranet to help you define and understand the intranet’s potential impact and stakeholders, including:

  • Creating a Focus for Your Intranet

  • Developing Achievable Intranet Goals

  • Designing an Intranet that Engages

  • Building a Better Menu for Usability

  • Tapping into Key Stakeholders

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Why Intranet Connections?

Intranet Connections helps your organization connect, collaborate and create better by streamlining workflows, increasing productivity and engaging employees with our intranet software solution.