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7 Ways To Tell Your Company’s Internal Communication Strategy Works

Summary: A well planned and executed internal communication strategy is one of the most ardruous yet rewarding assets for your organization. Below are 7 ways you can use to asses how healthy your strategy is. As a business operator or Human Resources professional, your livelihood hinges on your ability to retain great employees and build an enthusiastic company culture. One of the best ways to accomplish these goals is to develop a stellar internal communication system. With an intranet that is easy to navigate and update, you can build a workforce that is engaged, well-informed, and eager to participate in

5 Communication Strategies To Improve Employee Retention

Summary: In this blog post we discuss 5 communication strategies to improve employee retention. Turnover is among the most expensive problems organizations face today. It costs about one-third of a professional's salary to find a suitable replacement, should they leave. That's not including indirect productivity lost during training and onboarding. Naturally, companies across industries are looking for ways to decrease turnover. They all tend to find the same thing: a lack of engagement is among the leading causes. The key, then, is preventing that switch from ever turning. Your employees need to buy in to stay on board. A lack of proper internal

Technology and Communication in the Modern Workplace

Summary: We take a look at some common challenges experienced in technology and communication in the modern workplace, with solutions. The modern workplace is all about communication. Whether it’s the ability to send orders down the chain of command or employee requests right back up it, whether it’s group discussions with coworkers or accurate information about your own employer, communication is absolutely key. It always has been important, but as teams spread further around the world, technology is shrinking that world to make wise communications policies potentially more impactful than ever. Subscribe for Intranet Tips Your employees feel disconnected

Congratulations to: The Dugout & Golden Valley Bank!

Summary: Below is how a few IC customers have used their intranet designs with the addition of storyboard. Thank you to all the IC 14.5 Intranet Example Contestants, we love all of your submissions, and it was very diffuclt to narrow it down, so we chose 2 grand prize winners, and will be sending coffees to everyone who participated. Congratulations to the winning intranet homepage examples: The Dugout and Golden Valley Bank! The Dugout by Norwich City FC Intranet Design We can’t help but love the modern minimalistic style shown in this design. They make really great use of whitespace

A Network of Networks: IC’s Impact on INPACT

Summary: INPACT needed an affordable, feature-rich solution that could function for members across 3 regions. INPACT is a global alliance of independent accounting firms that organizes its members to overcome the challenges of global business. They assists hundreds of member companies in over 60 countries with operations in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. For years, INPACT had kept its members organized with a desktop application called Groove, but then Microsoft acquired the company in 2005. Soon, they found that features began changing while support became far harder to track down. Worst

Drive Performance: Eliminating Email Overload

Summary: In a span of just 3 decades, email has fallen from its lofty position as the most irreplaceable, efficient, enterprise-wide internal communication tool, leaving most organizations desperate for eliminating email overload. There was a time when it was hard to imagine how any business could function prior to the dawning of the email age. Once lauded as a more reliable method than the inter-office phone call, email is frequently regarded now as an unrelenting daily burden. In this post, I look at 6 solutions for reining in email overload with state-of-the-art intranet communication tools that increase efficiency and optimize

Modernizing Traditional Services at Huron County

Summary: The County of Huron modernized its traditional services into a digital workplace. Read below to see how they did it! Modernizing Traditional Services How The Ontario County of Huron Simplified Their Digital Workplace Based on Intuition The County of Huron is a municipal corporation for the most agriculturally productive county in Ontario. Among other responsibilities to its almost 60,000 residents, the Country is responsible for public health and social services, library services, and county land use planning and development. While steeped in tradition, private citizens and public servants alike are also quick to embrace modern technologies,

Homepage Design Contest – Enter to Win a $100 Gift Card!

14.5 Homepage Design Contest - Storyboard Edition! The Details: We'd love to see how our favorite customers are using their newest feature from the 14.5 Elevate Experience - storyboard. Submit your homepage screenshot here for a chance to win a $100 Starbucks gift card, or a $100 donation to a charity of your choice. There are a few rules that you must follow these in order to be entered: You must grant us permission to share your intranet design on our website and in marketing initiatives. Your screenshot must include your storyboard. Any sensitive information needs to be blurred out or deleted.

Ways to Improve Communication at Work with a Storyboard

Summary: With the addition of Storyboard in IC 14.5, we've learned a lot about ways to improve communication at work. Here's a few ways our team has shared information using storyboard. IC 14.5: Elevate Engagement is all about improving the way we share information as an organization. Subscribe for Intranet Tips With storyboard in a matter of months, we’ve been able to successfully share: Over 20 stories 4 surveys, each with 100% response rate The IC 14.5 Launch Plan A story about our CEO in the news Congratulations to a colleague in her new role 2 organizational goals

Do You Need a Cloud Intranet Software?

Summary: On-Premise or Cloud-based intranet software: which is better? At Intranet Connections, we provide both an on-premise intranet, as well as a private cloud-based solution. Unlike most affordable cloud-based intranet providers, we never use a multi-tenant cloud-based solution, we'll explain why below: Choosing between Cloud vs. On-Premise Intranet Is it a... Accounting Decision - a monthly operating expense over a capital cost investment? IT Resource Constraint - a matter of hands-off server maintenance and management? Corporate Trend - a decision to move with 'everyone else' to the 'future' of software? Choosing between a cloud or on-premise solution only has