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Expert Advice From Our Intranet Support Team

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Summary:  Our stellar intranet support team help customers with a deep dive into technical issues, resolving problems, and sharing best practices.

Our Tech Team Works Hard So Yours Can Stay On Task

When we ask our customers why they’re satisfied with Intranet Connections, the most common response is our intranet support team. Our annual maintenance renewal fee includes unlimited product support, and we deliver on this promise. But rather than just solving problems and rushing to close tickets, our intranet support team aims to enhance understanding of the software by sharing best practices, checking settings, and gaining deeper insights into how customers are using the product.

Our goals include:

  • Empowering key users to build, edit and manage the intranet
  • Customizing your intranet with the applications that work best for your industry
  • Keeping your intranet up-to-date with maximum employee adoption

This approach works because our support team members have one thing in common: they truly love helping customers and they get a ton of personal satisfaction by resolving customers’ issues. They’re creative, empathetic and stubborn, so it’s important to them to dig into any given problem and either resolve it directly or steer the customer in the direction of fixing their own environment.

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Meet the Intranet Support Team

Who are these rock stars? Meet the members of our awesome intranet support team:

Lead Support Tech

“Chris was great! He gave me simple and clear instructions and I was able to do what I needed to do. As I told him, I’m used to just getting a link to resources or a video. It was refreshing (and much quicker) to just get simple instructions and get it done!”
– Libby Dillon, Snyder Salvage

Chris is the most experienced member of our intranet support team. He is our escalation point when issues get more complex, and works closely with our development team on bug fixes.

Chris’s Top Tip: Test out new widgets and codes on a sandbox or template site first – and make sure to get feedback from users on the effectiveness of the new designs before pushing live.

Technical Support Rep

“Karl was great – and I have to say that I’ve been consistently pleased with the level of competence, knowledge, and friendliness of every member of your staff I’ve worked with. Continue being great. Thank you!”
– James Ray, Pima Federal Credit Union

Karl is known for his motto teamwork makes the dream work. He’s in his happy place when digging into complex back-end issues and emerging triumphant with a solution.

Karl’s Top Tip: Always check and unblock files when downloading from the internet so the process can run successfully. Bonus advice: keep your intranet software up-to-date with the latest patches and versions so you aren’t left behind!

Technical Support Rep

“Greg was a wonderful support with our upgrade!!!! I would not have been able to accomplish it and was very reassured that this level of service was available. The high caliber support team is one of the most important benefits of our investment in Intranet Connections.”
– Mara Ambrose, INPACT Americas

Greg splits his time between helping customers and providing internal IT support to coworkers. Greg’s focus is on continuous improvement, helping people to make better use of their intranet.

Greg’s Top Tip:  In Active Directory settings, configure the targets to include the entire OU and use group filters to filter out unnecessary service accounts.  This will avoid the common issue of why accounts are not being disabled in the software (due to the lack of visibility into the disabled OU).

Customer Support Rep

“Maxwell was very helpful and knowledgeable. And if he didn’t know the answer, he went and found it quickly. I appreciated the thoroughness.”
– Sarah Muren, Overaa Construction

Max is the newest member of our support team and does double-duty as part of our Onboarding Team as well. His phenomenal memory, in addition to his understanding of the front and back end of the software, means that he’s able to assist customers in many ways.

Max’s Top Tip: Save time when you’re building department sites on your intranet. First make a skeleton site containing apps and pages that all departments would make use of. Then to create a new site, make a copy of the skeleton site, rename, and you’re good to go.

Contact Intranet Support

Our one-on-one support with each client builds relationships and community, so we gain a better understanding of how the organization uses and configures our software.  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a fast response, as well as asking questions and listening to our customers to get to the real issue at hand. Got an issue? Get in touch.

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By | 2018-05-17T14:48:17+00:00 May 17, 2018|Customer Stories, Intranet Technical Support|

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Lori has worked with Intranet Connections as a client, consultant, and now employee, as the Customer Success Manager. In addition to her BA in psychology/economics and HR Management Certificate, she has a diversity of experience in technical writing, communications, and technology, which has led to an understanding and appreciation of the role that intranets can play in organizational and employee success. When not online, Lori can be found exploring the world via traveling, wine, or chocolate.

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