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Employee Profile: Karleen Murphy – Meet The Team

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Summary: We talk a big game when it comes to our software – and for good reason. But it really comes down to the staff who run the show. So today we’d like to inaugurate the employee profile section with Karleen Murphy, our Customer Service Representative.

If any of you have had a demo with Intranet Connections, you’ll likely have had the pleasure of ‘e-meeting’ Karleen. A powerhouse of knowledge, she’s driven, passionate, and one of the most positive people in the office. We sat down with her today to see what drives her, learn a bit of her background on her, and what her favorite intranet feature is.

Employee Profile: Karleen Murphy, Client Services Representative

Q: What Did You Do Before Working At Intranet Connections:

A: I grew up reading crime novels, and have always been interested in murder mysteries and shows such as CSI and Criminal Minds. It, therefore, made sense at the time to pursue a degree in Criminology from Simon Fraser.  During this time my interest shifted to law and I prepared for a career in the legal field by studying for the LSAT and working at a local law firm as a legal assistant.

It soon became apparent working in this environment that a career in law might not be what I wanted, and that my personality catered much better to “people” than “paper”. My path changed once again as I continued my education at Simon Fraser, completing a Graduate Diploma in Business Admin.

My 10+ years working my way through school as a server at various restaurants, and part-time teaching of EDocs courses at local municipals led to an interest in a Customer Service role at Intranet Connections and I gave it a shot!

Q: How Long Have You Been Working For Intranet Connections?

A: I’ve now been at Intranet Connections for five and a half years, moving from an initial Customer Service role to my current position as a Client Services Representative.

Q: Which Core Value Do You Relate To The Most? Simplicity, Positivity, Integrity, Creativity or Empathy?

A: Our core values are an important way we do business, and I ensure to envelop all of them all in my day-to-day. I use Empathy to understand the needs of an organization, creativity to design a demo specific to those needs, and integrity in knowing and conveying when we’re not a great fit.  Evaluating software is never someone’s primary role, so I keep the sales process simple; providing organizations with all the information they need in an easily digestible format to help them come to an informed decision. My favorite core value, however, and something I embrace in all facets of my life is positivity. I’m optimistic, upbeat, and make sure to have all the fun!

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Q: What’s One Intranet Feature You Can’t Work Without:

A; I love Super Search – it allows me to find anything on our company intranet, from documents to colleague contact information.

The feature our clients get the most use out of, however, is certainly Policy Management.  Being able to select users who need to read your latest policy update, and have auto-reminders go out until confirmation is received (not to mention running a report on who has and has not read policies with a simple dashboard overview), has resulted in very happy HR admins.

Q: What Do You Like To Do Outside Of Work?

A: I love everything active – whether it’s the gym, going for trail runs, or participating in events like Tough Mudder or Spartan. I also still love reading crime thrillers and watching Ted Talks.  My favorite Ted Talk of all time is Shawn Achor: The Happy Secret to Better Work.

Q: If You Created A Slogan For Your Life, What Would It Be?

A: Be the type of person your 10-year-old self would have looked up to.

Having an employee profile in the people directory section of your intranet is a wonderful way to introduce colleagues to one another, and generate employee engagement. Include it in your onboarding process along with an employee photo and contact information. If you have any questions about an employee profile section, or would like to learn more about Intranet Connection software, leave us a comment below.

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