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Simple Workflow Automation Software by Intranet Connections

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Summary:  If you think workflow automation software is only for enterprise corporation, think again. We help small to mid-size companies achieve big results by automating manual processes to change them from lengthy and tedious to quick and easy.

“Give Me An Automated Workflow And I Can Leverage The Earth”

To begin this blog article I decided to play with the famous quote from the Greek mathematician Archimedes in order to fully express the power of workflow automation software in the business universe. Automated workflow, in fact, is having such a strong impact in the life of millions of companies that it could have actually been created by the brilliant mind of the ancient Greek genius.

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Process Process Process

Companies are hierarchical structures and, therefore, requests often need to go through a multi-level approval process. Imagine a simple case such as an employee submitting a request for a new laptop. This request goes to IT first, then to HR and after that, since the cost of the new laptop exceeds a certain amount, the requests bounces to ACCOUNTING and probably ends its adventure with the CEO approval.

This approval process is pretty standard and needs to be repeated multiple times a day in the life of a company. Surprisingly, lots of companies still use emails to handle this kind of requests and have no solution to automate this process.

Online Forms

Most of our customers immediately fall in love with the online forms platform built in our Intranet Connections suite. Designing an online forms takes minutes and can save companies lots of time. Thanks to the dynamic form function, our customers can present alternate fields or questions based on previous answers to prompt for more information when needed with online form triggers.

HR can now finally handle a variety of items such as sick leave, timesheets submissions, holiday requests in a single place eliminating paper forms and avoiding lost emails. According to statistics, in fact, an average office employee receives 121 emails per day. Request that needs to be approved by email can easily get buried in the approver’s email inbox dramatically slowing the approval process.

Automated Workflow

After becoming familiar with online forms, some of our customers take it to the next level when they discover the power of automated workflow and online forms combined. They can now build multi-stage approvals with our automated workflow software to automatically send to approval managers enabling them to streamline the content creation, editing, and publishing. Thanks to automated workflow our customers can enable triggers thru pre-approval parameters and automate form workflows by adding approval stages with approval managers to Online Forms. Advanced options available in the form workflow allows the approval manager to escalate decisions to his/her supervisor on a decision-by-decision basis. When the form has been approved, a notification will automatically be sent to the form submitter. Requests are now automatically routed to the right approver. Also, once a form has been submitted, each user can check the status of the approval at any point throughout the workflow process under their “forms pending approval” area.

At this point, you should be already dreaming of having such an efficient and effective solution to streamline your internal approval/requests/forms. If this is the case, leave us a comment below, or request a guided tour!

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By | 2018-05-09T11:11:10+00:00 May 9, 2018|Intranet Applications, Intranet Software|

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