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Healthcare Intranet Whitepaper

Discover the many ways a Healthcare Intranet can improve your hospital, medical center, clinic or senior living community. Intranet Connections offers a software solution with over 100 features and functionalities that require no technical background or third-party consultants.

Healthcare Intranet Whitepaper

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Key Features of a Healthcare Intranet

Document Management SoftwareContent Management

Organized documents in an easily accessible central location to store manuals, standards and policies. This feature is especially helpful for healthcare organizations with multiple locations.

Automated WorkflowsAutomated Workflows

Streamline approval processes and add online forms such as incident reports with ease. Reduce admin time and improve productivity by simplifying processes.

Clarity & CommunicationClarity & Communication

Information sharing has never been so simple as it is in an Intranet. Keep internal communication secure and open with four ways to engage with your staff and for teams to collaborate.

Online Staff TrainingOnline Staff Training

Keep staff up to date on certifications with interactive online training. Set reminders for an impending expiration, and organize certificates internally.

Boost EngagementAvoid Increasing Costs

Intranet Connections has a one-time licensing fee. Over 100 intranet features are included in the cost and you will never be charged more even if your organization grows.

Easy-To-Use SoftwareEasy-To-Use Software

Customize your healthcare intranet with our simple drag-and-drop functionality. Adding content and online forms is easy for any authorized staff member – no IT required.

Healthcare Intranet Customers

See what our happy customers are saying…

Michael Ward

“Honestly, with Intranet Connections, the IT administration of our intranet is easy and minimal. Quantitatively, I can say our IT Department spends less than an hour a day maintaining and supporting our intranet.”

– Michael Ward, Anderson Hospital

5 Star Rating
Lauren Koller

“I highly recommend Intranet Connections – we have been using them for years and their customer service is fantastic! Intranet Connections has really done so much to help us grow our intranet to make it the #1 spot for our employees to visit for resources. I can’t say enough good things about them.”

– Lauren Koller, Huntsworth Health

5 Star Rating
Leo Marneros

“Our intranet allows for amazing, innovative ways to deliver training to hospital staff. You are only limited by your imagination on how you want to deliver the education with Intranet Connections.”

– Leo Marneros, Gold Coast Hospital

5 Star Rating
Download Your Healthcare Whitepaper
Policy Management: central repository for up to date policies

Active Directory: get to know your peers and collaborate

Staff Recognition: fostering positivity in the workplace

 Administrative Forms Online: kept organized and easily accessible

 Internal Communication Tools: message boards, discussion forums, live chat and project sites