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An Intranet Made for Your Credit Union

Credit unions deeply engage with their members, unlike traditional banks. Your members are known by their names and hobbies, not their account numbers. Your credit union is owned by people, not by an institution, which your members take great pride in knowing.

You embed your organization in your communities, participating in fundraisers, BBQs and golf events. However, in this competitive landscape when investor confidence is increasing, so are your members’ options for banking.

You strive to build a stronger member community, deliver competitive services and foster sustainable relationships. Balancing this equation can be extremely difficult without the right systems in place. Getting all your employees on the same page to communicate and collaborate with members more efficiently is a critical piece of the puzzle for long-term sustainability.

Your members are demanding extended service hours and an omni-channel experience, which increases your operational expenses and capital costs. All of this in the face of increased compliance and fraud risk means tighter margins and higher acquisition costs. How will you compete with the big banks on as they continue to brand their services exclusive and proactively poach your members?

A Credit Union Intranet Built with Members In Mind

member services credit union intranet

Don’t compete on basis points. Compete on establishing and maintaining your unique relationships with your members. Better train your employees to capture a large Share of Wallet (SOW) with a Finance Intranet from Intranet Connections. We have worked with over 50 credit unions, just like you, to design and architect a Finance Portal that helps you better connect with your clients, collaborate with your employees and create efficiencies with policies and procedures. See how our Credit Union Portal can help you build sustainable relationships with your members and community, request a Free Personal Credit Union Intranet Demo.

Strong Employee Engagement & Employee Retention

engage employees credit union portal

Strengthen employee engagement and in turn employee retention at your credit union with more online resources and enhanced internal communications. Providing all the resources employees need to get their jobs done faster, more productively and with more knowledge makes for happier employees and happier members. With on-demand training available to all credit union employees you can ensure your workforce is in compliance, informed and further engaged. Learn how to utilize these engagement and retention tools on a Credit Union Portal with a FREE Personal Guided Finance Intranet Tour

Small Talk & Customer Memory Banks

member services credit union intranet

Focusing on building a strong community starts with relating to your members.  Every interaction with a member is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship and grow your community.  Equip your employees with the best tools to nurture and grow your credit union with our Member Services built directly into your intranet. Once you have gotten past the small talk, store relevant member information in the Member Services Group.  It provides a centralized location where employees can keep detailed notes on member preferences, personal information, interests and hobbies.  Quickly recall member details to strengthen ties and relationships with your members for long-term, sustainable community building. Try our Member Services Group application for yourself with a FREE 21-Day Financial Intranet Trial

Happy Credit Union Intranet Clients

Our credit union clients are some of our most invested customers at Intranet Connections, ingraining their Finance Intranet as part of their workplace culture by facilitating most internal business practices through their intranets.

Intranet Software Testimonial

“Honestly, Intranet Connections has been a great partner to work with, we wish all our partners were as good.”


Find out more about our happy credit union customers, like Pima Federal Credit Union, InTouch Credit Union, California Credit Union, Travis Credit Union and many more. Find out how we can help you strengthen your member relationships and community involvement to increase your Share of Wallet (SOW) by requesting a Free 21-Day Finance Intranet Trial today.

Finance Intranet Testimonial

“After evaluating a number of intranets, Intranet Connections was the clear winner. It was so easy to set-up and didn’t require the purchase of extra modules or consultants, as SharePoint would. Being a financial firm we are quite focused on security, so it was also important that we kept our information in-house on our servers. Intranet Connections could deliver just that.”


Credit Union Intranet Case Study

Pima Federal Credit Union Intranet

See how Pima Federal Credit Union increased intranet adoption to over 80% of employees that login daily to ultimately increase employee engagement and employee retention – read our Pima Federal Credit Union Finance Case Study.