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With the final ascension out of the ‘Great Recession’ many industries are seeing steady growth rates and business expansions. What does economic growth mean to your business?

For many industries a growing economy equals growth for their organization, but what if you are in education, public service or not-for-profit? And just because customers and businesses have more disposal funds that doesn’t necessarily equal new customers for your professional services firms.

Unfortunately, a growing economy is not all good news. It also means great job opportunities for your employees, making employee retention of greater importance to your business. With employee turnover on the rise it will be just as important to train and on board your new employees quickly.

At Intranet Connections, we help organizations, just like yours, minimize the risk to their business face by increasing employee engagement, decreasing employee on boarding resources and simplifying policies and procedures with better documentation.

Industry Specializations


As a school and/or school district IT administrator you are delegated endless to-do lists from a variety of stakeholders. One more item added to your docket, is to find an intranet solution that solves the communication, collaboration and connection problems of your teachers, administrators and staff.

With a wide variety of technology platforms you already support, you are hoping to find an all-encompassing intranet solution that can fulfil your requirement checklist. Discover a Corporate Intranet from Intranet Connections to help your educational team better connect, collaborate and create.

For over 13 years we have enjoyed terrific updates, unheard-of support services, and incredible ROI from Intranet Connections. This intranet software has redefined how our entire district functions on a daily basis.


Working with over 1,600 organizations worldwide, we’ve worked with customers just like you to design an intranet solution made for you. Discover our many happy education customers, such as Rio Rancho Public Schools, University of Washington, Vancouver Island University, Greenwich School of Management and many more.

Find out how we can help streamline your workflows, bring your paper-based forms online and facilitate stronger communications between facilities by requesting a FREE 21-Day Intranet Software Trial.


You provide essential services to the public. Any downtime could cost taxpayer dollars and lead grievances filed. As the IT administrator of government agency you must be productive, efficient and versatile. One misstep could cost you invaluable time and resources.

You must support a mosaic of technology platforms, knowing them better than the employees that use them daily. When look for an intranet for your organization, you need a solution that does not require heavy customization or custom code to implement and maintain and can be easily delegated to the departments that will use it most, such as Human Resources.

For almost 14 years I have been a customer of Intranet Connections, one of the originals. I’ve found Intranet Connections software easy to implement, use and maintain. With so many built in applications, there is no technical development required, as is often the case with other solutions such as SharePoint. The Intranet Connections team never ceases to amaze me, especially with the new navigation options that modernize my intranet.


Over 1,600 organizations have utilized an intranet from Intranet Connections worldwide. Discover our many happy government customers.

Find out why NASA, Mariner Corps, Department of National Defence, Bureau of Economic Analysis, LA County Law Library and many more use an intranet from Intranet Connections by requesting a FREE 21-Day Intranet Software Trial.

Non-Profits & Associations

At your non-profit association time, resources and budgets are tight. You need to make every dollar go twice as far as for-profits with less staff. Not to mention the perpetual request to donors for further support and funding.

Let Intranet Connections help you stretch each dollar further with intelligent intranet software that helps your team better connect, collaborate and create by streamlining processes, bringing your paper-based tasks online and facilitate stronger communications with an intranet made for you.

The National Maritime Museum has used Intranet Connections for over 10 years now. They are quick to adapt to our expanding needs, just as they recently did with our intranet redesign to better align with our main site and aid user navigation. Working with Intranet Connections our redesigned intranet was quickly and efficiently created. We recommend Intranet Connections as a first-class intranet – high praise, but fully justified.


We keep our Intranet Connections clients happy. With over 1,600 organizations worldwide, we work with customers just like you, including the YMCA, Unicef, MS Society, Boys & Girls Club and San Diego Humane Society & SPCA,

Ask us how we help you stretch your non-profit dollars further, request a Non-Profit Intranet Quote from Intranet Connections.

Professional Services

As a Professional Services provider you have a unique relationship with your customers, with your employees and with other external contacts. Your clientele, project and workflow vary. You need a better way to organize, automate and facilitate your business tasks and intranet communications.

Most intranet products are based on subscription packages and per-user fees. You’ll find the more you want to add to your intranet, the more it will cost. This is not the case with Intranet Connections. It was quick to customize the intranet to fit the needs of our organization, including SQL integration, Active Directory, department sites and robust document storage.


Not only can Intranet Connections fulfill your requirements checklist for an intranet, we deliver a better intranet software for your professional services firms. With over 110 professional services organizations using an intranet from Intranet Connections, we have worked with customers just like you, including: ECORP Consulting, TitleOne Corporation, Forum Architecture, Clark Realty and many more.

Discover an intranet made for your Professional Services organization – take a Guided 1-on-1 Intranet Tour.

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