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Since 1999 Intranet Connections has served over 200 businesses within the healthcare community and over 1600 customers worldwide. Hospitals, Clinics, End-of-Life Facilities and other companies within the healthcare industry from Canada and the United States have been on our intranet software for over a decade, and we have used their feedback and our experience working with them to create an intranet software which specifically meets the needs of your healthcare business.

The following articles outline examples of how some of our healthcare customers have utilized our business intranet software to create accessible internal communications, centralize important company updates, house important company documents and policies and much more! Try it out today with a no-risk 21 day FREE healthcare intranet trial.

Intranet Connections Hospital Intranet

Intranet Connections Hospital Intranet Example

Leo Marneros was looking to enhance the efficiency of internal operations and decided that an intranet solution would help him do just that. However, most solutions he found were quite IT-heavy which would limit his ability to delegate intranet content administration and impede collaboration. The simplicity and ease-of-use of Intranet Connections have significantly helped to streamline Gold Coast’s internal processes.


Intranet Connections Hospital Intranet Case Study

Northwood care is Eastern Canada’s largest not-for-profit long-term care, independent living, home care and community outreach center for seniors. With over 6000 clients, 1400 employees and 500 volunteers spread over 8 offices and 200km, communication presented a challenge.  Using Intranet Connections Software Northwood was able to upload information to the intranet, greatly reducing email communications.


Intranet Connections Hospital Intranet Sample

Northfield Hospital worked alongside one of our Product Specialists, as well as our Graphics Designer to implement a simple, user-friendly intranet, which is easy to navigate and contains all the healthcare resources they need to accomplish their healthcare organizational tasks. In this blog, we discuss the importance of keeping your healthcare intranet up to date by performing regular check-ups and keeping content fresh.


Intranet Connections Hospital Intranet Case Study

Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital houses over 2,500 healthcare workers, so finding an intranet which would assist in improving communication was essential.  Their Intranet Connections healthcare intranet is used to store company documents, announce messages from the CEO, display hospital news, and house department sites, along with various other applications which assist in improving hospital communication.


Credit Union Intranet Case Study

Westminster Canterbury Case Study

Discover how Westminster Canterbury reduced 75% of paper-waste and increased intranet adoption by 50% with an intranet from Intranet Connections – read our Westminster Canterbury Case Study.


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