Document Archiving to Clean Up Your Intranet

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Many areas of your Corporate Intranet potentially contain content that has a shelf life. Event Calendars, Blogging, Company News and Employee Recognition Nominations, to name a few. Keep your intranet content clean and lean by utilizing our automated Content Archiving coupled with an automated clean-up utility.

The clean-up utility removes outdated content that has a shelf life based on time intervals (every 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc.).  Archived content is moved into archival areas which can still be viewed, searched, shared and bookmarked. Removing these items from your mainstream content keeps the site pared down and easier to manage. This is all automated for you, simply set the archival and cleanup time intervals and we do the rest.

Document & Policy Archiving

Content within applications can be given an archive date, which moves the item out of the mainstream keeping your corporate intranet leaner and easier to manage, while storing it in a separate archive area which can be browsed, searched, shared and bookmarked at a later date if need be. This moves unwanted content out of the main application area making relevant content more easily searchable and available to your users.

Intranet Connections Document Archiving

Intranet Connections Archiving and Clean-up

The Archive & Clean-up Team

Setting a clean-up time interval on your Corporate Intranet removes archived documents completely after a specified time period. In this sense, your archiving feature acts as a recycle bin and the clean-up feature deletes this content once and for all.  This process can act as a safeguard against deleting items from your site that you may not want gone.

File Cabinet Clean-up

The area that most often needs the most attention when it comes to clean-up is the Documents and Policies.  New documents and policies are continuously being added to this area, making the old uploaded documents and policies less and less relevant to your users.  Implementing a clean-up option for these items ensures that only the most relevant documents are located in your Corporate Intranet file cabinet automatically archiving old documents and policies.

Intranet Connections Content Clean-up