Host a Successful Event with Event Sites

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Have a big corporate event coming up? Is it time for your annual seasonal dinner? An Event Site on your Corporate Intranet by Intranet Connections can take care of connecting, communicating and collaborating on all the details, including event registration and tracking.

Event Sites allows you to create a sub-site on your intranet specifically for an event. Advertise engaging company events on your intranet for all employees to see, or select a group of employees to participate in an exclusive event. Event Sites can be used for a variety of events, such as: fundraisers, training sessions, annual parties, product launch events and other initiatives.

The ways in which you can utilize Event Sites is endless. See how Event Sites can help better connect and engage your employees by taking a FREE Guided Tour through our Corporate Intranet.

Engage Employees

Similar to the Company News Feed, you can display upcoming events right on your intranet home page with an Event Sites feed. Display what the event is, where it will be and when it will be all in one page without having to send numerous e-mails. Event Sites are perfect for setting up a company softball tournament, fundraiser or team-building event. You can even use it as a way to track who is and who isn’t attending corporate events, making your life much easier.

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Train Employees with Event Sites

Event Sites is a great tool for training current employees. Perhaps there is an upcoming workshop or training session you think employees would love a chance to partake in. Simply create an Event Site explaining the details. You can also use Event Sites as a sign-in/sign-up form. For mandatory training sessions, ask employees to fill out a sign-in form on the Event Site to keep track of who is there.

Company Fundraiser

Engage and involve employees with a company-wide fundraiser. Utilizing Event Sites you can create a company team for an upcoming cause and create a donation form right on the Event Site. Employees can simply post their contribution on the Event Site to share and promote.

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