Discussion Forums for Deeper Collaboration

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Reduce the number of internal emails and meetings by moving team collaboration onto your Corporate Intranet. Discussion Forums can help to enhance effective communication in your business by providing a platform for team collaboration, conversations and discussions.

Open up topics for all employees to contribute to, promoting open collaboration, or lock down topics and conversations for specific groups, teams, or individuals within Discussion Forums on your Corporate Intranet from Intranet Connections.

Discussion Forums on Your Corporate Intranet

Team Collaboration

Discussion Forums is an invaluable tool for team projects.  Projects can be separated into categories and locked down for only team members to view and contribute to discussion, creating new project topics or replying to topics posted by other team members.  Postings display originator of the topic, number of replies, and tags associated with it.

Collaboration with Discussion Forums

Create Discussion Forums specific to projects.

Intranet Sharing Best Practices

Sharing Best Practices

Use Discussion Forums to improve workplace efficiency by creating a category and opening it up to all employees to post tips and tricks for getting their work done quickly and effectively, such as suggestions for changing workplace processes. Add optional workflow approval to ensure postings meet company policy prior to posting.

Track Discussions with Forum Subscriptions

Users who have rights to view or contribute to certain categories can subscribe to a forum in order to receive alerts when new content has been posted.  Alerts can either be sent to their intranet profile, or directly to their email inbox to ensure no alerts go unnoticed.  Flexble alert settings allow employees to set alert type by category, to ensure important discussions are sent via email while allowing other less time-sensitive discussions to go to site alerts for later review.

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Subscribe to Discussion Forums to avoid missing new alerts.