Get Organized with Event Calendars

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Event Calendars are the ultimate organization tool for your business. Share information about upcoming events and scheduled holidays while significantly reducing company-wide emails by using your Corporate Intranet calendar.

Publish employee vacation days and reserved room bookings on department and team sites with Event Calendar to keep people and resources organized and utilized. With the simplicity and ease-of-use of our company calendaring system any intranet user can be permissioned to administer their team or site calendar, making it one less responsibility for your IT team to manage.

Event Calendars

Share Calendars Securely

Share your event, team, vacation and project calendars securely with Intranet Connections. Security can be directly added to event types, company resources and calendar categories to limit calendar access to specific user groups or individual users. Easily control access to executive meetings and calendars through simple security permissioning in our company calendars application. Additionally, ensure company resources are not being double-booked by with our automated conflict checking feature.


Share calendars safely and securely.

Outlook Sync Calendars

Integrate with Microsoft Outlook®

Our seamless Microsoft Outlook® Event Calendar integration provides your employees the ability to keep their master calendar with all company events, team gatherings, work meetings, training sessions and personal appointments in the same convenient location, without managing or updating multiple calendars.

Employees can browse your Event Calendar for company/team events, view the details and then add the event to their personal Outlook calendar. Our comprehensive company calendar application also allows you to push calendar alerts via email or within the intranet site to specific users or groups of users that may be interested in new content added to the calendar and/or to specific calendar event types.

Liven Up Your Event Calendars

Spruce up and organize your intranet calendars by uniquely color coding event types, such as making all Townhall Meetings green and Mandatory Staff Meetings red. Providing your employees the visual cue to associate specific events to certain colors will help them scan and select calendar events quickly to add to their calendars.

Discover which events are most popular with your employees, especially those held remotely via webcasts or audio bridge, by enabling Ratings & Commenting on the Event Calendar(s) to engage active feedback and employee interaction before, during and after each event.


Organize your calendar by color coding events.