Versatile & Resourceful Online Store

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Set up shop and allow your employees to browse through and purchase available items, from logo’d company clothing to laptops and office supplies.  The versatility of Online Store allows your users to view the details of posted items, track the quantity of goods available, add items to their cart and then place their order.

Employees can order their items on your corporate intranet with the click of a mouse, using user-friendly, easy to fill out order forms. Through real-time inventory tracking cart managers can monitor when quantities are low and restock required items to ensure they are available when your users need them.

Online Store on Your Corporate Intranet

Online Store Form Flexibility

With Online Store’s form flexibility, you can easily choose which fields to display on your order form including price, color, quantity, product number, size and more.  Utilizing the customization of form fields allows you unlimited flexibility, providing you the option to tailor your Online Store to a specific item type including  hardware, software, office supplies or logo’d clothing.

Flexibility with Online Store Forms

Customize your Online Store order form.

Intranet Connections Building Blocks

Building Company Culture

Happy employees aren’t your typical 9 to 5 crowd. Reward employees and foster your company culture with branded company gear accessible through your Online Store. Make it convenient for employees to purchase logo wear and/or managers to reward branded company gear through online accessibility on your Corporate Intranet.  Opening an Online Store means you will have more employees sporting your brand and promoting your culture both internally and externally.

Online Store Inventory Tracking

Find further functionality with Smart Delegation by assigning Cart Managers to update cart quantities, remove cart items, view historical cart data and receive notifications for pending carts. With real-time inventory tracking cart managers can monitor when item quantities within the Online Store are getting low and re-order.

Track Inventory on Your Corporate Intranet

Track Online Store inventory with smart delegation.