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To ensure your employees have what they need to get their work done it is important for them to be able to find what they need on your corporate intranet. With our advanced search functionality we help them do just that.  With advanced search you can look up words or phrases, filter by author or applications and choose to include content, uploaded files, or both within your searches.

Your search results will be displayed in an easy to view table format listed in order of popularity, title, application, author or publish date.  Whatever you decide is most relevant for your employees’ search needs.

Define Your Search Results

The quick search box is a fast and easy on-the-go way for your employees to find content on your corporate intranet.  For a more in-depth search however, we offer the ability to drill down your results to ensure you are finding the content you need.  Filtering by application or by author is an excellent way to remove irrelevant search results.

Advanced Search on Your Business Intranet

Advanced Search Options for your Business Intranet

Add in the Extras

Enabling keyword highlighting with styles such as highlight and text color, font and bolding allows your employees to quickly scan through search results for their desired content. Customize your results further by choosing the number of characters to display in the snippet of content within the results.

Search by Popularity

When users interact with an item by viewing, commenting, rating or sharing it on your corporate intranet, the item’s popularity is increased.  Enabling popularity ranking means that search results will display the most popular items first, and this feature can be turned on and off under the search settings area.

Popularity Search on Your Business Intranet

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