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Information Sharing is the cornerstone of every intranet, but it is not always as easy as it sounds. Having to manually feed and update every page on your intranet is a tedious task, often given to your IT Team, that can quickly become a full-time job. Intranet Connections’ Corporate Intranet makes keeping your intranet updated simple, quick and even automated.

Discover Multi-Variable Automated Feeds to keep your intranet fresh and relevant. Team / Department Site administration can easily be delegated to department owners to alleviate the burden on your IT Team and put your intranet in the hands of those that use it most. With the simplicity and use-of-ease built into our Corporate Intranet, there is no coding or deep technical knowledge required, making the role of Intranet Management a task in which all employees can participate. Learn more about our Information Sharing features by taking a Guided Tour of the Corporate Intranet from Intranet Connections.

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Easily Keep Your Intranet Fresh & Relevant

department sites

Create unlimited sites on the intranet that provide resources to project teams, departments, and employee communities with smart delegation.

RSS Widget

Stay updated with articles from your favorite sites around the web by adding a feed to a site or individually to an employee workspace.

weather feed

Display the current weather and upcoming 3-day forecast for each individual office location on your home page, team or department sites.

what's new widget

Showcase a list of advertised items from all applications or select applications from all areas of your intranet to keep relevant content front & center.

photo album widget

Quickly embed a image or entire photo album into a feed on the home page or subpage of the intranet to add a visual element to any page.

intranet tips widget

Add a daily message, tip or quote and the feed will rotate through the entries on a scheduled basis, showing a new item to users every hour, day or week.

Widget Library

Various widget types for building your intranet landing pages, home pages for your various intranet sites, and displaying information in your Mega Menus.

Project Management Sites

Provide a dedicated workspace for team members to collaborate on projects and share resources, with no access to anyone outside of the project team.

Task Manager

Streamline tasks and improve efficiency with the Task Manager on your Corporate Intranet.

Download Corporate Intranet Whitepaper

Corporate Intranet Whitepaper

Discover the more than 100 intranet features packed into our Corporate Intranet Software by downloading our Corporate Intranet Whitepaper.


Intranet Software Testimonial

Stacy Lowman, World Travel Holdings

“Intranet Connections has changed the way we have conversations with our employees. The software offers a plethora of out-of-the-box functionality, offering solutions to everyday challenges related to how information is disseminated throughout the organization.”