Additional Design Tools for Simple Navigation

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Intranet design and architecture has never been more simple than it is now with these additional design tools. Ensure your users can navigate through your intranet quickly and easily with intuitive intranet design and architecture. Intranet design and architecture can make or break an intranet. Using these tools will be sure to make your intranet successful.

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Site Breadcrumbs

Users can navigate through your Corporate Intranet quickly and easily with Site Breadcrumbs. Simply enable the Site Breadcrumb Navigation on each page to get started, and leave a trail of breadcrumbs on your intranet for users to navigate with.

Site Breadcrumbs Ensures Simple Navigation

Establish Page Order with Page Hierarchy

Page Hierarchy

Intranet architecture has never been easier! With Page Hierarchy, you can quickly (and easily!) establish the order and hierarchy of pages. Simply arrange page levels and page priority within each site on your Corporate Intranet using drag and drop functionality.