Further Customize with the Simple HTML Editor

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Take your intranet customization to the next level with the Simple HTML Editor. Employees can leverage the Simple HTML Editor to easily create HTML pages to build and engage on your Corporate Intranet.

What you see is what you get with the Simple HTML Editor. See this, as well as the other intranet design & architecture features in action by requesting a FREE Guided Tour through our Corporate Intranet.

Edit Sites, Pages & Widgets

Using the Simple HTML Editor, you can edit sites, pages and widgets, such as the Message Box widget, with HTML script. The Simple HTML Editor also has the ability to edit using a full screen option so you can edit without having to use the scroll buttons. You can use the Simple HTML Editor to further customize and design your Corporate Intranet the way you want.

Edit Sites, Pages & Widgets with HTML

Further customize your intranet with HTML.

Combine HTML with Images for an Engaging Intranet

Combine HTML Text with Images & Videos

You can combine rich HTML text with images and videos for a more engaging intranet site. The Simple HTML Editor makes it easy add photos and videos to any site, page or widget. No IT or Graphic Design experience necessary. 

In-Text Linking

With the Simple HTML Editor, it is easy to add links to different URLs in-text. Whether it be a department page, entire site or widget, using the Simple HTML Editor you can create links to various resources on your Corporate Intranet, or external resources.

Create In-Text Linking with HTML

Create several in-text links to internal or external sources.