Create Freely with Admin Role Delegation

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The intranet is an impressive collaborative tool, enhancing communication within your organization and helping your users get work done more efficiently.  Take full advantage of the benefits of collaboration by distributing content administration for different areas of the site to various admins. With Admin Role Delegation the IT Team can hand off tasks such as adding and editing content throughout the site to other, non-technical admins and general end users.

The simplicity and ease-of-use of Intranet Connections’ software allows your general end users and non technical admins to have more control over the content added to your corporate intranet.  We make Admin Role Delegation easy with security permissioning at the site, application and even folder level.

Department Site Delegation

Your IT Team can easily set up sites and areas of the intranet then hand off the administration of those sites to other departments, locations, branches or business units.  Sub-sites can be used to separate departments, work projects, company branches or interest groups such as a green or social committee. The simplicity and ease-of-use of our corporate intranet software makes managing content within department sites extremely simple and user friendly.

Department Site Owner Delegation

Intranet Connections Smart Delegation Tools

Reducing Bottlenecks

Having one member of your IT Team in charge of adding all content to the intranet may work out at first.  However, as content on the site grows and more and more of your users are logging in and relying on your corporate intranet to look up information and perform their daily tasks, a communication bottleneck could result.  Admin Role Delegation lets you spread out content management responsibility to a few, or numerous users to ensure communication flows smoothly.

Application Delegation

Intranet Connections makes it easy to delegate tasks and management of applications to other employees.  Simply set up your application, add a folder structure and hand off the reigns to someone else to manage the content that is added.  Have one application manager or open up the application to all users to create a collaborative environment where everyone can add and edit content.

Delegate Ownership of Intranet Applications